Diet Doc Reveals 5 Signs You're Eating Too Little

Diet Doc reveals 5 telltale signs that dieters are eating too little for how much they work out


NASHVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Diet Doc Reveals 5 Signs You're Eating Too Little

The simple formula for weight loss is to eat less than the amount of calories the body needs to function, putting the body into a calorie deficit and forcing it to use stored fat for energy. However, many dieters looking to lose weight more quickly, combine diet plans with exercise, forcing the body into a greater calorie deficit. What these people may not be aware of is that they may be consuming too few calories for how much they work out, and this can be extremely detrimental, not only to weight loss, but to overall health as well. Diet Doc reveals 5 telltale signs that dieters are eating too little for how much they work out, and provide a comprehensive weight loss system, complete with doctor supervision, to take the guess work out of calorie consumption and exercise.

Dieters who are consuming too few calories for their activity level will absolutely force the body into starvation mode, essentially pushing the metabolism into hibernation and making weight loss nearly impossible. This hibernated metabolic state is actually easier to enter than most would imagine. By beginning a Diet Doc comprehensive weight loss system, dieters are simply following a pre-defined diet protocol built around their individual factors. These factors are individually identified by a licensed doctor with extensive experience in the science of weight loss, and used to personally tailor the most effective diet plan to each Diet Doc client.

Diet Doc doctors are able to identify the top 5 signs that clients are eating too little after a simple doctor evaluation, done easily via Skype. The top 5 signs dieters are eating too little for their activity levels are as follows:

Avoiding eating after a workout.
Dieters who are undereating often avoid eating after a workout for fear of negating any caloric benefits from the exercise.

Feel Tired Constantly.
An often-experienced sign of consuming too few calories is fatigue. Diet Doc employs a staff of licensed doctors to address any symptoms of dieting.

Irregular Periods.
While there are many other reasons for irregular periods, if dieters are undereating, this is a very common occurrence.

Frequent Illness.
Often when dieters consume too little calories, their immune system becomes compromised and they experience frequent illness.

Fear of Food.
When dieters become obsessive about food, it can easily lead to consuming too few calories to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

IN order to avoid the top 5 signs of undereating, Diet Doc employs licensed doctors, each with years of specialized training and experience in the science of healthy and effective weight loss. Each new client receives a thorough doctor evaluation, conducted in their own home via Skype, allowing the doctor to determine the unique causes of weight gain for each individual. Afterwards, each client receives the full Diet Doc weight loss system, which includes prescription medication, weight loss aids like protein shakes and bars, unlimited access to doctors, nurses and nutritionists at no extra charge, and a comprehensive diet workbook that perfectly details the Diet Doc weight loss system, so there is no guesswork required.
Call today to find out how Diet Doc can help you lose 20 pounds per month, safely and with constant doctor supervision, a feature that no other weight loss company provides.
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