What Women Want in a College - 1,585 colleges and universities ranked for college bound women

Top 300 receive the Women's Choice Award(R)


FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Sept. 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Women's Choice Award®, a leading referral source for women, announces its 2016 rankings of America's Best Colleges and Universities. This ranking is based on an objective and quantitative assessment of each of 1,585 institutions, using criteria women consider most important with regard to choosing a college or university.

"It is an exciting time for college bound women, as now they have a college ranking that focuses specifically on their needs and preferences, and for parents it's the perfect combination of everything they want for their daughter," said Delia Passi, CEO and Founder of the Women's Choice Award.

This ranking is the only comprehensive survey of higher-learning options compiled exclusively for women based on the following criteria: 4-year graduation rate, student to faculty ratio, reputation, educational depth as well as campus safety, a measure made possible by the 1990 Jeanne Clery Act, which requires schools to report campus crime statistics.

  • Reputation is a function of female admission rates and enrollment rates, as well as out-of-state enrollment to indicate student perceptions of the institution.
  • Safety rankings were based on three years of campus crime rates and weighed based on our women's survey of the importance of different types of offences (forcible sex offenses rated the highest).
  • Educational depth is a measurement that considers both the levels of degrees granted (bachelors, masters, PhDs, etc.) and the mix of undergraduate and graduate students.
  • In order to be included, a school must offer a minimum of a 4-year bachelor's degree, have over 400 students and have a selective admissions policy.

Safety is a more important factor for women than men, and the Women's Choice Award is the only college ranking that gives consideration to this concern. The list does not make a distinction between national and state universities, liberal arts colleges or technical colleges as these overlap in the minds of prospective students.

Data was derived from the US Department of Education's Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) for the 2013-2014 school year. Campus Safety data came from the DOE's Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Cutting Tool.

The top 10 institutions are:

  1. University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA)
  2. University of Chicago (Chicago, IL)
  3. Columbia University in the City of New York (New York, NY)
  4. Yale University (New Haven, CT)
  5. Georgetown University (Washington, DC)
  6. Northwestern University (Evanston, IL)
  7. Yeshiva University (New York, NY)
  8. New York University (New York, NY)
  9. Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD)
  10. Duke University (Durham, NC)

The colleges and universities that ranked in the top 300 have been recognized with the Women's Choice Award as an America's Best College for 2016; an extraordinary accolade that is highly regarded by women. For the complete ranking visit http://www.womenschoiceaward.com/americas-best-colleges/

"It is important to have a college ranking that speaks directly to college bound women and what they need most. Choosing the right college, with a support system that encourages women through mentorship, will lay the foundation for the rest of their lives and provide a clear pathway to success," said Edie Fraser, CEO, Million Women Mentors.

The Women's Choice Award will be releasing the first College Guide for women by women, titled A Girl's Guide to America's Best Colleges in the spring of 2016.  Serving as a trusted guide in helping college bound women with editorial insight and practical advice. For more information please contact the corporate offices at 954-922-0846.


The Women's Choice Award® sets the standard for helping women make smart choices through education, empowerment, and validation. Awards are determined by evidence-based research and identify the brands, products and services most recommended and trusted by women. Visit www.WomensChoiceAward.com to learn more.


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