Novosoft Boosts Conversion Rates 20 Percent with Avangate

Digital Commerce Provider Helps Improve Software Vendor's Go-to-Market Speed and Agility on a Global Basis

REDWOOD CITY, CA--(Marketwired - September 30, 2015) - Avangate, the modern Digital Commerce solution provider trusted by thousands of Software, SaaS and Online Services companies to grow their business worldwide, today announced that Novosoft, a provider of backup solutions for home and businesses, selected Avangate as their exclusive digital commerce platform provider and have already seen a 20 percent increase in conversion rates and faster time to market.

The ability for Novosoft to easily customize their shopping cart and use Avangate's in-platform A/B testing tool without additional development and complex settings enabled the vendor to go to market much faster and optimize their commerce operations quickly on a global level. Since switching to Avangate, Novosoft have seen an improvement in their commerce KPIs, translating into a boost to their bottom line, without any additional marketing budget spend.

The ease of use and richness of the Avangate modern commerce platform played a key factor in Novosoft's decision making process. At the same time, the Avangate Affiliate Network was considered a major competitive advantage, as it enables software vendors to easily communicate, interact and collaborate not only with a large number of affiliates within the Network, but also with Power Affiliates such as, chip, 01net and others.

"We are extremely happy with the decision to switch to Avangate. Partnering with them makes total business sense for Novosoft: we keep a close eye on our KPIs and were delighted to see our conversion rate go up by 20% after moving to Avangate. We are also pleased with the relationship we have established with Avangate. Vendor and shopper support are quick in responding and deliver high quality assistance. With such reliable service, we spend less time setting up and implementing functional requirements, and more on high-value business development and customer experience," continued Natalya Sigaeva, Head of Marketing at Novosoft.

"Avangate is very client-focused. We're gratified to see our customers improve not only their commerce-related KPIs, but also how they think about their next moves, what products to bring to the market in order to add value to their end-customers. They know that Avangate is here for them as a partner, and that we help them improve not just acquisition, but the whole digital commerce lifecycle, whether it is about activation, upgrades, cross-selling or renewals," said Len Eschweiler, SVP, Worldwide Sales at Avangate.

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