Forward, the Digital Experience Conference, Puts Spotlight on Visual Communications Revolution in the Business World

Conference to Take Place in Denver October 21-23 and Feature Speakers From Google, Accenture, PepsiCo, Colorado Rockies, Microsoft, Bank of America and More

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - October 06, 2015) - Forward, The Digital Experience Conference, will put a spotlight on a technology trend that is dramatically changing the way organizations unlock the power of digital data and the way individuals digest and interact with information. Many of the world's most respected and most forward-looking companies will gather in Denver October 21st through 23rd to demonstrate how visual communications technology is transforming how they operate their workplace, communicate with customers, motivate and organize employees, spur creativity and innovation, and run key aspects of their business. Forward 2015 is taking place at the Colorado Convention Center and is hosted by Four Winds Interactive.

"Companies have more information than ever before, but for many it's become almost paralyzing. The true power of that data is unlocked when it can be presented to employees and customers in visual ways that makes it instantly easy to understand and act on. The way to do that is with visual communications, which adds a 'visual layer' on top of that wealth of data," said David Levin, President and CEO of Four Winds Interactive.

Levin added: "The last 20 years has been about the world becoming more digital and connected, and I think in the next 20 years the world will become far more visual. This year's Forward conference will demonstrate just how impactful this technology is for businesses today. The conference isn't about just what's on the horizon, though. It's about what organizations of every stripe are doing right now -- today -- to add a visual layer to their business."

Some highlights of the upcoming Forward conference include:

  • Keynote presentations by executives from the following organizations, which are utilizing visual communications technology in groundbreaking ways:
  • Breakout sessions focused on how executives can use visual communications to help solve their specific challenges:
    • HR: Engaging and motivating employees
    • Executive: Empowering employees the information they need to impact company goals
    • Marketing: Using the latest display technologies to communicate with customers
    • Facilities: The latest in way-finding and mobile

"There is a dramatic change going on in business today, and executives in every industry are trying to sort through how to best leverage all this data they've amassed to help their employees be more successful. That's what this conference is about," said Janet Eden-Harris, Chief Marketing Officer for Four Winds Interactive. "All are welcome to join us and hear how some of today's thought leaders are leading the revolution."

For more information about the full agenda, visit here. And to register for the event, visit here.

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