Fuse Announces the Availability of Real Time UX Tool Suite for Mobile Developers & Designers

For the First Time, Mobile Developers & Designers Can Create and Update the Look and Feel of Their Native Apps in Real Time on Multiple Devices and Platforms Simultaneously

OSLO, NORWAY and PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 6, 2015) -  Fuse today announced that its UX tool suite for mobile designers and developers is now available for download at fusetools.com

In closed beta for a year, Fuse enables rapid creation of beautiful, smoothly animated user experiences for native mobile apps. For the first time, using a markup language and unique visual tools, mobile developers and designers can create and update the look and feel of their apps on multiple devices in real time, and then output production-ready code for both iOS and Android.

"We believe real time app editing is a much-needed feature for the industry," says Fuse co-founder and CEO Anders Lassen. "When we introduced it to our closed beta users, we were overwhelmed by their positive feedback. They told us it effectively gave them an intuitive prototyping tool that outputs working native code, instead of slideshows and GIFs -- a huge improvement to how apps are generally made today."

The number of apps on both the iOS App Store and Google Play continues its explosive growth, with both stores increasing over 50 percent in size last year. Discoverability and differentiation have become increasingly challenging, further complicated by designers and developers working on different, incompatible platforms, and the added costs required to build apps for both iOS and Android. Fuse aims to solve all these problems with a tool suite that unites developers and designers so they can work together to create beautiful, well-designed native apps in real time.

"Building a great user experience is probably the most important -- and most costly -- aspect of mobile app development today," continues Lassen. "Moving from a prototype to a high quality product that matches everyone's expectations can be incredibly difficult and inefficient. So after incorporating input from thousands of great designers and developers in our closed beta program, we're excited to finally make Fuse available to the rest of the world."

Core Features and Functionality:

  • Built from the ground up for designer-developer collaboration
  • Instant on-device preview of app running real native code -- similar to popular web development techniques but without the inherent limitations of hybrid apps
  • Interoperability with popular design tools including Sketch and Photoshop
  • Create native UIs and motion without expert programmer knowledge -- only prior knowledge of XML or JavaScript required
  • Outputs native code for both iOS and Android platforms
  • Leverages OpenGL ES acceleration for advanced visual effects and custom UI components

The availability of Fuse follows the company's opening of a Palo Alto office last January, when it also announced $2.8M in additional financing led by Northzone.

About Fuse
Fast, flexible and intuitive, Fuse is a cutting-edge UX tool suite for mobile app designers and developers. Fuse is based in Oslo with an office in Palo Alto. Find out more about Fuse at fusetools.com and follow them on Twitter @fusetools.

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