Amazon Releases First Look At New Series To Rival Netflix “House Of Cards” And “Orange Is The New Black”

Amazon Studios is now neck-to-neck with Netflix, and the newest series in development is gearing up to take on their top grossing original content

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Hollywood, CA, Oct. 09, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Originally created to be a Netflix Original Series, ‘Back Stabber’ was quickly snagged by the platforms biggest competition; Amazon Studios. Now in development of its first season, the new series is gearing up to take on the award winning content of Netflix, hoping to knock the company from the top spot for online streaming. With the show being announced just 2 days ago, Amazons newest project 'Back Stabber' has already become the #1 most popular drama at Amazon Studios, smashing past all of its other original content. 

The new series 'Back Stabber' was created by the extraordinarily successful young actor, singer and entrepreneur Ryan Zamo. Just last year Zamo took 'Z Skin Cosmetics', his homemade organic skincare products from his kitchen, to an international leading brand within months on the market. 

Zamo and the other producers of the new series at Amazon Studios originally made a splash back in June, after announcing they would not accept funding from large corporations, hoping to stimulate the local economy and help small-businesses advertise for a fraction of the cost.  The shows young producers have turned to crowd funding to help off-set production of the new show, saying “Though it makes our jobs 100 times harder, we wanted to stand up against corporate monopolization.” 

By revealing the first glimpse into the new series, Amazon Studios allows viewers to rate the show and provide feedback, Joe Lewis a VP of programing at Amazon Studios said, “We allow feedback from our viewers to determine if we should green light a project or not; based on the projects views, ratings and comments, is how we determine if we will pull the trigger or not”. 

Amazon Studios has released the shows first trailer, synopsis and cast information on its development site. Though no exact release date has been mentioned, the show is scheduled for completion sometime around the New Year, with the shows official online release aimed at spring of 2016.

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