Business Development Specialist and Software Entrepreneur Jon LoDuca is Featured Speaker at TechAssure’s Risk Management Conference in Chicago

HOLLAND, Mich., Oct. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jon LoDuca, author, strategist, software entrepreneur and founder of The Wisdom Link, is a featured speaker at this year’s TechAssure Fall Conference in Chicago. TechAssure represents an elite group of insurance brokers and thought leaders proven in designing insurance and risk management programs for technology-related companies.

At this premiere event, Mr. LoDuca will present The Five Sales Model, an impactful strategy designed to help businesses create message differentiation in key audience segments. This model was built on Mr. LoDuca’s years of experience helping top-tier business owners across the United States and Canada define and develop their innovations and bring them successfully to the marketplace.

“I think that a lot of companies have incredible value but haven’t yet defined it and so they look and sound like everyone else,” explains Mr. LoDuca. “For our clients, this is fairly consistent and incredible source of frustration. The Five Sales Model helps them stand out and tell their truth to specific audiences in a way that drives in more business.”

The Wisdom Link has proven success strategies for some of the worlds more progressive, successful and ambitious entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.

More information about Wisdom Link can be found by contacting Paige Brockmyre at 616-546-2948.

About Wisdom Link

Founded in 2002, The Wisdom Link is an intellectual capital development firm that helps highly successful entrepreneurs identify, package and monetize their wisdom. This is accomplished in four ways: Through Sales Enablement featuring the Capital Creation Approach™ which transforms our clients’ unique sales process into a permanent company asset, market positioning tool and team training resource. A Creative Services department that defines and develops a company’s core value proposition: including the brand identity and positioning strategy to promote it. Lead Generation featuring search-based strategies utilizing our Information Marketer Process™, placing emphasis on timely, relevant and unique content creation. And our Strategic Planning that helps some of the best and brightest challenge assumptions, redefine goals and develop radical clarity to determine how to best position their intellectual property for success.

About Jon LoDuca

Jon is a highly accomplished business development and brand strategist, software entrepreneur, speaker and author. He has presented for groups such as AALU, MDRT, NAIFA, Lincoln Financial and The Advisor’s Center and has been featured in Forbes, Advisor Today, The Daily Herald, Chiro Economics and The Wall Street Journal.

Jon is also the co-founder of two software firms, Playbook Builder (, a systems design software, and Proposal App (, a sales experience software. He is a contributing author on Capterra, author of The Thought Leader: How to drive your industry conversation and is currently writing his new book: “Wisdom-Driven, Intellectual Capital in the New Era of Business.

Jon is a Chicago marathoner, and he resides in Holland, MI with his wife and partner, Rachelle, along with their three children.