Integration Point Files First 06 Entry for US Foreign-Trade Zones in ACE

CHARLOTTE, NC--(Marketwired - Oct 19, 2015) - Today, after US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) allowed production capability to file Type 06 Entries and Entry Summaries for FTZs in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), an Integration Point US Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) Management customer was the first to successfully file. Today's milestone in ACE is important for US Foreign-Trade Zones, and there are still more to come.

"We have been working closely with CBP on all ACE deployments, and with our strong presence in the FTZ world, it was only natural that an Integration Point customer would be the first FTZ to file a Type 06 Entry," said Elizabeth Connell, Vice President of Product Management for Zone Automation and the lead on ACE integration for Integration Point.

Integration Point customer Crosman Corporation, located in zone 289 in upstate New York, has been testing the filing of Type 06 Entries in ACE with Integration Point. Today, Crosman was the first FTZs to file a Type 06 Entry in ACE via the Integration Point US FTZ Management software. "We appreciate Crosman's active participation in the ACE migration process," stated Connell.

Originally, the production deployment for Type 06 Entries and Entry Summary filings via ACE was scheduled for February 27, 2016. However, on Friday, October 16, 2015, CBP published a CSMS message (CSMS #15-000776) announcing FTZ 06 Entries would be available in certification and production starting October 17, 2015. The change in release date will give FTZs additional time to test and prepare for the transition to ACE. Allowing FTZ 06 Entries to be filed in ACE will also give FTZ operators the opportunity to participate in PGA pilot programs. 

"We have been involved in the development of ACE from the beginning by sitting on Trade Support Network (TSN) committees, participating in CBP pilot programs, assisting with CBP's development testing, and involving several team members in different industry association committees," continued Connell. "However, our real strength comes from our internal task force that was formed to support the development, implementation and support of the ACE roll-out to our clients. We have employees from various departments -- client services, operation support, development, QA, etc. -- and different regions participating to give us a true 360 degree view of ACE and its interplay with global trade compliance."

US importers should be preparing now for the new mandatory deadline of February 28, 2016 when all entries and entry summaries must be filed through ACE. If a company has not begun its preparations for ACE or need more information on preparing for the PGA message sets, Integration Point has an on-demand webcast available here.

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Crosman is an international designer, manufacturer, and marketer of Crosman pellet, BB rifles and pistols; Copperhead ammunition, high quality Benjamin pellet rifles and ammunition; Airsoft rifles and pistols; crossbows and precision optics. Crosman was founded in Rochester in 1923 and has been a vital manufacturer and employer in the region ever since and now employs over 300 in Ontario County, New York. Its headquarters and primary manufacturing site is in Bloomfield, Ontario County and it also has a distribution and warehouse facility in the Town of Farmington in Ontario County.

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