Paxata Debuts ClicktoPrep Integration for Tableau Customers Who Wants to Free Themselves From Data Bottlenecks

New Fall ’15 Release Modernizes Traditional Data Blending With Seamless SmartBlending to and From Tableau or Other Business Intelligence Tools

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tableau Conference Booth #227   Paxata, provider of the only Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform for the enterprise, unveiled ClicktoPrep™, a cornerstone of the Paxata Fall ’15 release, which will be demonstrated at the Tableau Conference in Las Vegas. This business analyst-centric capability enables seamless movement between Paxata and Tableau in a closed-loop fashion.

Paxata is the only self-service data preparation solution to offer ClicktoPrep functionality, which provides contextual bi-directional integration between analysts’ visualization tools and their data prep platform. ClicktoPrep allows analysts to go directly from Tableau into Edit or Filter mode within Paxata with zero friction as they move between the two to view, clean, prepare and combine data to quickly fix data issues, while maintaining focus on the analytic exercise.  

In addition, Paxata further enhances the end-to-end analyst flow with the introduction of SmartBlending™ powered by IntelliFusion™. This fundamentally disrupts the traditional manual workflow-centric blending paradigm by applying machine learning and semantic algorithms to simplify and automate data integration. Now, Tableau analysts get the power of SmartBlending with ClicktoPrep to have a seamless experience from raw data to visual insight in a consistent paradigm.

“While using our BI tool at CBIZ, analysts may identify an issue, but lose momentum and time trying to find the source of the data,” commented Ekaterina Preston, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence at CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services. “Paxata’s new feature, ClicktoPrep, adapts to the natural iterative pattern of the business analyst’s process by allowing us to go back and forth without interruption between the data prep and data analysis tools. This real-time interactive flow allows CBIZ to get even more value out of Tableau and other BI tools we use.”

“Paxata helps Tableau customers access more of their data with an interactive and code-free experience,” said Dan Jewett, Vice President of Product Management at Tableau. “The data preparation solution from Paxata provides data that is complete, contextual and trusted and, like Tableau, works equally well on premise and in the cloud.”

Paxata at the 2015 Tableau Conference, Las Vegas, October 19-22

  • Beyond Data Blending: Tackling Dirty and Different Data with Self-Service Data Prep with CBIZ – on Thursday, October 22, at 10:15am in the GGX 1, Grand Garden Annex room, Paxata Senior Product Evangelist, Lilia Gutnik, will be moderating a session between customer, Katya Preston from CBIZ and Chris Toomey, consultant at Slalom Consulting.
  • Fall ’15 release unveiled at booth # 227. Visit the booth to check out two demonstrations leveraging Paxata’s Cloud solution run on AWS (Amazon Web Services):
    • Visual Data Prep for the Tableau Analyst – this demonstration features the ClicktoPrep integration with Tableau and shows analysts how to address complex data quality, data integration and data shaping tasks in seconds, moving between Tableau dashboards and Paxata’s interactive visual SmartBlending™ capabilities at the speed of thought.
    • Enterprise-Scale Platform for the Data Technologist – this demonstration showcases governance, security, lineage, automation, collaboration, with self-service data preparation ending with analysis in Tableau. In a real world scenario, a Shared Services IT team starts one billion rows of transaction data, then uses Paxata to segment and share a subset of that data as AnswerSets to appropriate analyst teams based on internal security policies. Analysts use their segmented data in a restricted mode, interactively combining it with third-party data using SmartBlending, then perform automatic normalization, data cleanup and data shaping to arrive at the AnswerSet needed for Tableau analysis. Teams use ClicktoPrep links to interactively explore the lineage and transformations applied to the data set step-by-step.
  • Attendees will be invited to sign up for the free 60-day evaluation of Paxata Cloud, as a companion to Tableau Public. Visit the Paxata for Tableau page to sign up.

About Paxata

Paxata is the only Adaptive Data Preparation™ platform for the enterprise. Paxata’s platform provides an interactive, analyst-centric data prep experience powered by a unified set of technologies designed from the ground up for comprehensive data integration, data quality, semantic enrichment, collaboration and governance. Information-driven organizations who want to make data worth analyzing use Paxata to explore, clean, shape, and combine all the data they need into rich AnswerSets™ which power ad hoc, operational, predictive and packaged analytics.

Paxata’s platform, built on Apache Spark and optimized to run in Hadoop environments, leverages distributed computing, machine learning and a dynamically visual workspace that promotes transparent governance and ad hoc collaboration. Paxata data prep, powered by IntelliFusion™, is designed to eliminate the need for coding, scripting and sampling. The solution is available as a service, and can be deployed in AWS virtual private clouds or within Hadoop environments at customer sites.

Paxata is headquartered in Redwood City with offices in New York, Ohio and Washington DC. Visit, follow @Paxata, connect on, follow us at and watch us on


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