TradeSocio Unveils Marketing Automation & Analytics Platform for Forex & Futures Brokers

Nicosia, CYPRUS

LONDON, Oct. 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TradeSocio, a marketing software provider for brokers, today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind marketing automation and analytics platform designed specifically for forex and futures brokers. The platform analyses traders’ behaviour, allowing brokers to automatically send targeted messages to individual traders at the optimal times.

TradeSocio’s new marketing platform provides brokers with a suite of tools to increase their demo-to-live account conversion rates, attract new traders, increase trading volume, and improve the retention of existing traders. The platform achieves this by collecting trading data, and then allowing brokers to build automation ‘workflows’ to send emails to traders when certain conditions are met.

Brokers can create their own automation workflows, or select from a series of pre-defined workflows, which are designed to encourage traders to redeposit, upgrade to live, or invite their friends, at the moments when they’re most likely to. TradeSocio’s marketing platform can also be used to notify a broker’s internal sales team of traders who have a high propensity to churn, providing a window of opportunity to retain them before they close their account.

TradeSocio’s Chief Marketing Officer, Marcus Taylor, says: “Most brokers do not communicate with their traders consistently, let alone optimally. By taking a more data-driven approach, we’ve been able to identify the optimal moments and messages to boost conversion rates, retention, among other important KPIs. Our aim with this marketing platform is not only to allow brokers to identify valuable insights, but to also turn those insights into actions that have a meaningful impact on improving sales and marketing effectiveness.”

In addition to these marketing & sales automation features, TradeSocio’s marketing platform also provides brokers with a range of analytics tools to identify trends and opportunities to optimise their sales funnel and marketing activity. The marketing platform is currently only available to brokers who use TradeSocio’s white-label social trading platform.

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About TradeSocio
Founded in 2014 by Rohan Hall, TradeSocio provides cloud-based marketing technology to companies in the financial services sector. TradeSocio’s solutions include a white-label social trading platform, and a marketing platform that enables forex and futures brokers to improve their marketing and sales effectiveness. For more information about TradeSocio, please visit


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