QuickMobile Redefines The Event App User Experience with New Mobile Interface

Company's modernized design puts user experience first, overcoming major barrier to enterprise mobile app adoption

VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuickMobile, the global leader in enterprise mobile meeting and event apps, today released a new user interface for its mobile app and analytics platform. The new UI recognizes the maturity of the app market and addresses one of the biggest barriers to enterprise mobile app adoption by redefining the user experience. The interface includes a completely redesigned look and feel, enhanced features to improve navigation and interaction with app content, and a new mobile framework for greater cross-platform consistency and development efficiencies.

"We have had tremendous success with our current UI and mobile event app platform with many of our customers experiencing over 100 percent adoption rates of their event apps," said Craig Brennan, CEO of QuickMobile. "Mainstream consumer apps continuously raise the bar on user experience, and expectations quickly carry over to meeting and event apps. We've once again redefined the user experience from the ground up and made our UI even more captivating and user-friendly."

User Experience Drives Adoption

According to enterprise mobility provider Kony, 50 percent of enterprise mobile apps fail because of poor user experience, while SAP found that 78 percent of enterprise apps are abandoned after the first use. The most successful apps are created with the end user in mind, and this applies equally to business use cases. If corporate apps are not intuitive and fail to deliver the intended benefits, then adoption suffers, often with fatal consequences.

"Despite the proliferation of mobile around the world, companies must realize that putting the user first will have significant impact on mobile app adoption," said Brennan. "Unfortunately, the user experience for enterprise apps, for the most part, has been disappointing, and therefore a major obstacle for the B2B market. Today's users are accustomed to elegant and well-designed consumer apps that deliver great experiences. Their expectations don't change when they switch to a corporate app, so our new UI helps our clients keep pace with what people are used to using every day. Our commitment to the user experience is part of what makes us a leader in mobility for events and a key reason for our success in the enterprise space."

Feature-rich, Visually Appealing User Experience

In addition to a new layout and design, QuickMobile has included a number of updates that will simplify and enhance navigation while making data gathering and sharing easier. Among the updates are:

  • Style changes and feature updates that make content easier to read, navigate, search and favorite;
  • Extended search capabilities. Results will come from every component within the app, including attendee profiles, documents, exhibitors, schedule, sponsors, etc.;
  • New survey interface to make surveys easier to read and complete;
  • Updated gamification interface with enhanced leaderboard that includes attendee photos; and
  • More consistent layout and design between iOS and Android operating systems.

Brennan added,  "In the event space, apps help attendees quickly find and share information while driving a positive reflection on the brand. Our new UI sets new standards through a more appealing, feature-rich user experience that maintains the flexibility and brandability our customers have come to expect."

About QuickMobile

QuickMobile deepens the value of meetings and events with mobile apps that engage and delight audiences. QuickMobile's enterprise mobile app and analytics platform creates an always-on communication channel that allows event owners to increase attendee participation, build loyalty and generate revenue through richer experiences. By fully leveraging the capabilities of QuickMobile's mobile and social solutions, customers can extend events into yearlong conversations and build lasting relationships with their audiences. QuickMobile's head office is located in Vancouver, Canada. For more information, visit www.quickmobile.com. Follow QuickMobile on Twitter @quickmobile.

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