New Certify Mobile Instant Policy Check Helps On-the-Go Business Travelers Stay in Compliance

Latest Feature Supports Real-Time T&E Policy Review for Receipts and Expenses Submitted by Users via the Certify Mobile App

PORTLAND, ME--(Marketwired - October 29, 2015) - Certify, a leading cloud-based travel and expense management software provider, today announced the availability of Certify Mobile Instant Policy Check for the latest version of Certify Mobile. Currently, 60 percent of total receipts and expenses processed by Certify are submitted through its mobile application. This newest feature provides companies with a frontline compliance enforcement tool that clearly shows employees on the road whether their expenses meet T&E guidelines or if purchases are in violation of policy.

Staying in compliance can be challenging for business travelers, no matter how steadfast a company’s T&E policy may be or how well an employee has been trained. Certify Mobile Instant Policy Check is the easiest way to verify expenses against policy from within the mobile expense reporting workflow.

"The simplicity and convenience of Certify Mobile are what make it the preferred method for submitting receipts and expenses," said Bob Neveu, CEO, Certify. "Now with Certify Mobile Instant Policy Check, company administrators have an added layer of policy transparency that helps streamline the expense management process, and business travelers can have the confidence of knowing in real time whether the expense reports they submit will be quickly reimbursed or potentially flagged for policy violation."

After a user takes a photo of a receipt or manually enters an expense, Certify Mobile Instant Policy Check compares the expense amount and currency type against company T&E policy for category maximums and currency settings. If a user exceeds a category limit or enters an unauthorized currency they will see a red exclamation point appear in the policy field with an explanation of the violation. For expenses that meet these policy guidelines users will see a green checkmark in the policy field with a "meets policy" message.

Certify Mobile Instant Policy Check is only available with the latest version of Certify Mobile for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. After upgrading to Certify Mobile 1.0.52, company administrators must then configure Certify with specific policy requirements for category limits and currency types. Configuration takes just minutes, and once complete every company user with a Certify Mobile account can access this simple policy safeguard.

Available expense categories reviewed by Certify Mobile Instant Policy Check include cash, mileage, lodging, meals, rental car, GSA and custom per diem rates, and more, plus 143 global currencies. Expense maximums are also calculated using category logic to ensure the greatest accuracy (lodging expense divided by number of room nights, meals expense divided by number of attendees, etc.).

For more about Certify Mobile and Certify Mobile Instant Policy Check, go to or call 1-888-925-0510.

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