Newtopia's Personalized Disease Prevention Program Opens Genetic Testing for All U.S. Companies

Successful U.S. Pilots Showcase How Important Genetic Testing for Weight-Related Genes Is in Creating a Comprehensive Personalized Approach for At-Risk Employees

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Nov 4, 2015) - Newtopia, a leading personalized health company that uses genetic testing and behavioral science to build highly personalized disease prevention plans for enterprise, today announces the wide availability of its program, including genetic testing, to all companies across the U.S. Newtopia recently completed successful pilots in this market and is offering its program to insurance companies and self-insured employers.

Newtopia uses the information gathered by genetic testing to initiate genetic engagement, a new way of interpreting relevant genetic data related specifically to weight and obesity that inspires behavioral changes with an achievable action plan.

Genetic engagement helps participants understand what they inherited and how it impacts their weight and lifestyle choices. It also creates the "ah-ha" moment participants need to feel responsible for their health. Newtopia's genetic testing specifically examines weight-related genes including: the "eating behavior" gene or DRD2, the "appetite" gene or MC4R, and the "body fat" gene or FTO -- all chosen based on scientific research that shows a strong link to obesity. Then the program provides genetically driven recommendations in nutrition, exercise and behavior management within existing medical guidelines to inspire and achieve long-term lifestyle and behavior change.

"We focus on increasing the participant's understanding of what they can be responsible for when it comes to their health and couple that with a plan that incites long-term changes. That's what we call genetic engagement," said Jeff Ruby, Founder and CEO of Newtopia. "This helps to solve one of our greatest challenges as a society -- inciting behavioral change. The use of the participant's genetic results, along with our deep understanding of the persons likes and dislikes, busy work schedule, and other factors, creates the solution."

Newtopia's scientific approach combines genetic testing with proprietary personalization tools, personality-matched coaches, called INSPIRATORS, and peer-to-peer social networking to drive participant engagement and promote sustainable behavior changes. Previously only available to select companies through a pilot, Newtopia now offers its genetic testing with its personalized comprehensive program to all employers across the U.S.

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Newtopia is leading the way to personalized health through its Personalized Health Engagement Platform. Newtopia's disease prevention programs are proven to save healthcare costs for employers by inspiring at-risk employees to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Newtopia's holistic approach delivers highly personalized programs that provide a deep understanding of each participant through a combination of nutrition, exercise and well-being. Newtopia's scientific approach leverages genetic testing, proprietary personalization tools, personality-matched coaching and peer-to-peer social networking to drive participant engagement and promote sustainable behavior changes. Founded in 2008, with offices in New York and Toronto, Newtopia is benefitting thousands of individuals through its health engagement platform while delivering meaningful results. For more information, visit

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