Forecast International Unveils New State-of-the-Aerospace/Defense Industry Report

NEWTOWN, Conn., Nov. 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Forecast International today announced the release of its blockbuster report titled, "The U.S. Aerospace/Defense Industry in World Context, Current Status & Forecast 2016 - 2029." Over 450 pages in length, the report provides an in-depth examination of the world's Aerospace/Defense industry and the factors that will impact it over the next 15 years.

Starting from a base of detailed industry statistics, the report covers the leading A &D manufacturers, key programs in all sectors, political and economic considerations, labor factors, budgeting specifics, and much more. In addition, the report forecasts the world industry by leading manufacturers and governmental agencies. It culminates with specific forecasts derived from Forecast International's Platinum Forecast System™ 2.0 of all sectors of the industry for the period 2016-2029. Each segment is addressed by a senior FI analyst and is supported by graphics that clearly illustrate the forecast trends, motivators and constraints. 

"The state of the World Aerospace/Defense industry is basically sound," said Ray Peterson, VP Research and Editorial. "However, not all segments of the industry are equal, and some competitors will prosper while others may need to re-examine their position and look for new markets. For example, military unmanned aircraft production is expected to substantially increase and fighter aircraft output, while declining from previous highs, will still remain strong, spurred by the production of the F-35 Advanced Tactical Fighter for the three U.S. services."

The large commercial aircraft market, driven by a healthy re-equipment cycle, will experience unprecedented production output. The new report forecasts production of over 25,000 large jet transports during the 2016-2029 period, with a staggering $4.03 trillion in combined value. Airbus and Boeing will compete nose to nose for this market; both manufacturers have very strong backlogs and each has its superstar products. 

The motivating factors discussed for the commercial transport market will equally benefit the world market for business jets. While airline travel is expanding rapidly, affluent sectors of the business community continue to find advantages in flying their executives directly and quickly to desired destinations in privately owned aircraft, according to the report. 

The world's Aerospace/Defense industries, while not universally growing in size and scope, are nevertheless vibrant, with continuing innovation and capability. Their biggest challenge will be to develop ever more cost-effective solutions in response to diverse demands from a customer base that is continually plagued with budget constraints at virtually every level. Thus, their activities during the forecast period will test the continuing genius and creativity of their many thousands of employees and their leadership.
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Forecast International, Inc. is a leading provider of Market Intelligence and Analysis in the areas of aerospace, defense, power systems and military electronics.  Based in Newtown, Conn., USA, Forecast International specializes in long-range industry forecasts and market assessments used by strategic planners, marketing professionals, military organizations, and governments worldwide.  Forecast International's resources and extensive base of experience can be readily adapted and efficiently focused to fulfill a broad spectrum of civil and military consulting and special research requirements.


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