Your Hearing Network and Tinnitus Treatment Solutions Expand Partnership and Care to Benefit More Individuals With Ringing in Ears

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 9, 2015) - Your Hearing Network (YHN), a network of approximately 2,000 audiology and hearing care professional service provider locations, and Tinnitus Treatment Solutions, LLC (TTS) expanded their partnership to incorporate an increased focus on tinnitus care. No matter if patients go to TTS or a YHN provider initially, the partnership aims to provide broader customized sound therapy and expert clinical care to a greater number of patients. The agreement also helps to address a gap in tinnitus care while allowing each organization to build from its respective strengths.

Patients can benefit from expert tinnitus audiology care through telemedicine, when combined with in-person care and tinnitus hearing aid technologies. Patients getting this combination of care may also be more satisfied with their tinnitus devices and long-term results.

"We have been pleased with this partnership and the high level of expertise that TTS brings," said Edward P. Braun, YHN vice president. "This relationship leverages the strengths of each group. Our sites are excited to be able to increase their patient flow and tinnitus care while maintaining their heightened expectations and level of care."

TTS handles all tinnitus education, counseling and habituation follow-up for the local YHN site, alleviating the potentially large and unpredictable amount of time that tinnitus care can entail. YHN sites benefit from increased patient flow from those seeking expert tinnitus care and who may not have been to their clinic. YHN sites also earn a fee that is among the highest in the industry for handling the programming of the tinnitus hearing aid or micro tinnitus device.

"We have had success partnering on patients we have sent to YHN sites and are excited about this expansion. More patients can now benefit from this optimal care. As a tinnitus practitioner, that is extremely satisfying," said Dr. Alex O'Dell, TTS clinician. "Telemedicine for tinnitus care was pioneered by the Veterans Administration and is an effective treatment option. Combined with the size and coverage of the YHN network, it truly opens the door to addressing this critical gap in care."

About Your Hearing Network
Your Hearing Network (YHN) is a managed care organization specifically for independent hearing healthcare practices nationwide that connects patients with hearing loss to local hearing healthcare professionals. YHN offers a unique affiliate program designed to provide referrals to its members via access to managed care reimbursement opportunities. For more information, visit

About Tinnitus Treatment Solutions
Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS) is an independent professional organization comprised of audiologists specializing in tinnitus counseling and education services. TTS facilitates screening and treatment of tinnitus patients and offers superior patient-centered care using a sound therapy-based approach delivered via modern tele-audiology tools. For more information, visit

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