Dealer Spike Marketing Packages Now Available

Portland, OR, Nov. 09, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Online marketing and advertising powerhouse Dealer Spike has added another feature to help dealerships increase web leads – full suite marketing packages. Dealer Spike’s new product offering provides a new and interactive way for dealerships to engage with current and potential customers through marketing tactics such as e-newsletter campaigns, custom slideshow creation, social media management, and more.

Dealerships in the powersports, RV, marine, truck, agriculture, heavy equipment, and auto industries can all benefit from innovative and effective marketing solutions. On average, Dealer Spike’s dealership customers see a 68% increase in leads after implementing a marketing package. Custom-designed graphic pieces that can be used for a variety of different tactics allow dealerships to feature specific units or specials. Creative messaging and one-of-a-kind designs entice and inform customers, and ultimately contribute to increased sales.

Dealer Spike’s e-newsletter service is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Consistent communications with current and future customers help to nurture and build a dealership’s online reputation. As e-newsletters are delivered to a dealership’s contact list, click-through tracking is provided for analyzing opens and clicks. The contact information of each interested reader, as well as the unit or phrase they clicked on, is accessible for easy follow-up. Similar analytic reports are also available for other marketing products.  

Marketing packages with Dealer Spike are available at a variety of price levels to fit any dealership’s needs. The team at Dealer Spike is also known for creating unique solutions for dealers that may have specific requests or ideas, and these marketing plans are available with custom pricing. Weekly or monthly one-on-one consultations with a marketing expert at Dealer Spike allow dealers to determine the best strategy and goals to increase leads and conversions for their locations.

Especially when combined with other supplemental strategies that are available to integrate with a web package, dealerships that choose Dealer Spike experience the best results. Dealer Spike promises, at minimum, a 30% increase in online leads after switching from a different dealership website provider. Many customers see an increase of over 100% after just one month with Dealer Spike. As a web provider, Dealer Spike’s team is also the superior choice for a dealership’s efforts in digital marketing.  This partnership creates an easy-to-integrate platform for all online needs. Dealer Spike recommends its new marketing packages to heighten web presence and stay at top of mind for target audience consumers. These products are available to all Dealer Spike customers.


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