KeyedIn Introduces All-New KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP Software

Configurable ERP software with a powerful production engine to give the modern manufacturer the essential tools they need to achieve efficiency and competitive advantage.


MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KeyedIn® Solutions, an innovator in aPaaS and SaaS-based business solutions, today announced version 5 of its KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP solution. This dynamically configurable and extensible Cloud ERP software has a powerful production engine that puts the planning back into ERP for the modern production and fabricating manufacturer.

"We recognize that ERP solutions are missing the key ingredients that production manufacturers need to achieve production control – which is their key to efficiency, profitability and competitive advantage," states Lauri Klaus, KeyedIn CEO and Co-Founder. "KeyedIn Manufacturing is a native Cloud ERP solution that transforms an organization with a powerful production engine that delivers real-time, comprehensive production control." Integration with other software systems is easily enabled through open APIs (application program interfaces) resulting in greater visibility of priorities, easier access to decision-driving information and the agility to instantly adjust to changes in demand. The new release includes capabilities to address needs across the production manufacturing enterprise; from the business and operations, to production and the supply chain. Notable attributes of KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP software include:

Powerful Production Engine – KeyedIn put the planning back into ERP, with a powerful Cloud-based production and manufacturing resource planning engine that provides real-time visibility of both supply and demand so priorities are clear and customer promise dates are achieved. Designed specifically for the production and fabricating manufacturer, this engine gives the manufacturer computing power and speed only available with KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP.

Native Cloud – KeyedIn Manufacturing ERP was developed in the Cloud, for the Cloud using the most advanced architecture that includes both KeyedIn Konfigure™ and Microsoft® Azure Cloud services. This means KeyedIn Manufacturing is multi-tenant SaaS Cloud that enables unprecedented performance speed and up/down scalability. Most important to the production manufacturer, however, is the fact that KeyedIn Manufacturing's Cloud delivery shifts the majority of the software burden to KeyedIn (see illustration below), enables mobility with access through any mobile device, and the manufacturer is always using the very latest version of the software technology.

Dynamically Configurable – The software's unique platform gives manufacturers the ability to configure KeyedIn Manufacturing ERP to their environment – without the cost of coding and upgrade concerns of traditional customized software. This means the business logic within the software can be configured to fit their unique process – a requirement not previously available to the production manufacturer. This dynamic configurability also extends to the item masters, which are different in every facility and previously a difficult to manage part of the manufacturer's ERP software. This adaptation to the uniqueness of the production manufacturer's business process makes the software more user-friendly and subsequently improves user adoption within the organization.

Feature-Rich – This software provides the production manufacturer with all the key functionality needed to connect the people, processes and most importantly critical business data throughout the facility. In turn, the benefit is immediate and real-time visibility of inventory, production, customer orders, profit margins, and most critically, potential production issues that need to be addressed quickly.

Integration – KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP easily integrates with other software systems with open APIs to become the single source for accurate data and information for the enterprise. This also extends to the Internet of Things (IoT) in that the flow of data can be exchanged across devices, systems, and software. The primary benefit to the production manufacturer is a single source of the truth for all their critical business data, eliminating the inefficiency and opportunity for error of re-entry.

Secure – KeyedIn Manufacturing partners with a world-class data security provider, Dimension Data, a $6.7B company who serves 72% of the Fortune 100 and 60% of the Fortune 500 companies around the globe and whose core competency is protecting data. This is a vast improvement for manufacturers large and small who comparatively may face security risk with outdated processes and servers within their facility.
"We worked with our KeyedIn Manufacturing Customer Advisory Board and put powerful manufacturing resource planning tools into this release of KeyedIn Manufacturing ERP. With KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP, manufacturers can run and visualize the Production Planning Board with the outstanding computing power enabled by the Cloud. In turn they gain comprehensive visibility into supply and demand and progress towards on time delivery," adds Kevin Hurley, KeyedIn EVP of Technology. Ultimately, production manufacturers become more agile in responding to production changes to optimize their facility, improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

For more information or to request a software demonstration of KeyedIn Manufacturing Cloud ERP visit The software is sold on an affordable monthly SaaS subscription model.

KeyedIn Manufacturing can also be seen through November 13 at FABTECH Expo in Chicago, Booth S2186.

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