FIME EMV Tool First to Automate Complex Terminal Integration Testing Processes

FIME's state-of-the-art test solution is the first terminal integration tool to provide complete end-to-end project automation across multiple payment systems

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In its ongoing drive to streamline EMV® terminal testing, FIME is launching the next generation of its market-leading terminal integration testing and certification solution, SAVVI. By connecting the host simulator and terminal testing, the solution automates the test project for all involved. This will save acquiring host managers and terminal integration testers significant time and money during product development and certification when conducting terminal integration testing for major payment systems.

The innovative new components of the SAVVI solution include:

  • Payment systems simulator – SAVVI Test Host – which immediately delivers acquirer host logs to remote testers. This enables instant test result analysis on SAVVI’s Test Platform and removes the need for host administrators to manually search for this data and send to each tester 
  • A pocket-sized portable card emulator and reader – FIME Card Emulator – that enables card logs to be captured automatically and instantly uploaded to SAVVI’s Test Platform, which in turn automatically analyzes the results. The tool has been recognized as a 2015 SESAMES award finalist

The complete solution supports terminal integration testing for both contact and contactless payment applications across all major payment systems.

FIME is providing a demonstration of its latest SAVVI testing solution on booth 3 E 019 at the industry trade show CARTES in Paris, November 17-19.

“Testing and certifying EMV terminals is challenging as terminals must accept payments from a number of different payment brands, each with its own technical standards,” comments Xavier Giandominici, FIME Vice President, Americas and Financial Services. “We therefore work closely with all market players, from terminal integration testers to acquirer host managers, to identify ways to optimize the test process, which have been integrated into our next generation SAVVI solution.”

SAVVI is an automated test process and certification management solution for acquiring host managers and terminal integration testers seeking to deploy new or updated EMV payment terminals. It identifies the relevant test cases, provides test process guidance, analyzes and validates test results, offers immediate access to acquirer host logs and generates and submits test reports according to the brands’ requirements. In addition to the FIME Card Emulator, SAVVI also supports physical and programmable test cards. The suite of tools is designed to support the unique needs of individual market players. Find out more.

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About FIME
FIME is a trusted provider of technical training and consulting, technology design, test tools and certification testing. It enables U.S. customers to bring seamless EMV chip card and mobile transactions services to market effectively and confidently using secure contact and contactless EMV, near field communication (NFC), trusted service manager (TSM), trusted execution environment (TEE) and host card emulation (HCE) technologies.

Working with the payment, telecom, transit and identity sectors, FIME supports customers from project initiation to completion by advising on technical requirements, consulting on industry regulations certification authority implementation and streamlining testing and certification activity.

FIME has 11 offices across America (U.S. and Canada), Asia (Japan, South Korea and Taiwan), Europe (France), India and the Middle East (Dubai), offering global expertise and local knowledge through a single point of contact to actively contribute to the advancement and simplification of certification processes.

FIME America’s offices are located in San Jose and Montreal. | Twitter | LinkedIn



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