Segment Opens Up Platform, Announces New Program for Mobile Partners

Kahuna, Kochava, Appboy, Branch and Tune Join as First Mobile Partners to Build on Segment

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - November 11, 2015) - Segment, the customer data hub, today announced the launch of a new mobile partner platform. This launch opens the door for mobile vendors in attribution, push notifications, a/b testing, deep linking and more to build their own integrations on the platform. With a single SDK to collect user interaction data and send it off to marketing and analytics tools, Segment saves engineers time integrating new services and gives marketers the flexibility to build a best-of-breed mobile software stack.

"Activating new customers is one of the biggest challenges mobile data companies face, since using their services requires customers to integrate a new SDK and capture contextual user interaction data throughout the app experience," said Peter Reinhardt, CEO and co-founder of Segment. "We help our partners onboard new customers faster by automatically sending off the data they need to run analysis, attribute campaigns and more."

Segment already offers 160 total integrations with 75 for mobile, and receives dozens of prospective mobile partner requests a month. To keep up with demand and quickly scale the number of services on its platform, Segment is providing the infrastructure, support and services for companies in the mobile marketing-tech space to build their own integrations.

Kahuna, Kochava, Appboy, Branch and Tune are joining as launch partners, demonstrating that Segment has the traction to gain attention from mobile vendors. Segment now serves thousands of customers and processes more than 50 billion API calls a month.

"We prioritize evaluating new vendors that are on Segment," said Conrad Chu, CTO and Co-founder of Munchery. "We're routing all of our data through Segment, so it doesn't make much sense to allocate engineers to manually integrate tools outside of the system when we could just flip a switch to try a new integration out."

What partners are saying:

  • "Kahuna is built around making it easier for brands to understand and engage their customers, so the Segment partnership is a perfect match. Segment's one-stop SDK makes it simple for brands of all sizes to stop worrying about integration and start delighting customers with intelligent mobile communication." -- Adam Marchick, CEO and co-founder of Kahuna
  • "Segment's new Mobile Developer Platform gives engineers a single SDK to collect user interaction data and send it off to best of breed tools, like Kochava, giving marketers the flexibility to choose the very best tools for their particular needs. Kochava values partnership and is excited to have our SDK bundled within the segment SDK as it provides a valuable unified offering to app developers." -- Charles Manning, CEO of Kochava
  • "It's critical for brands to understand each individual customer's behavior, so they can better engage and retain them in the mobile economy. To build improve relationships with customers, brands need to recognize each data point and custom event as an opportunity to create more personalized, relevant and valuable messaging. We're delighted to be an early pioneering partner with Segment as they help customers make the most of their data and build out their mobile ecosystem further."--Mark Ghermazian, CEO and co-founder at Appboy
  • "We believe that getting discovered should be easier for every app developer. With Branch's deep linking platform, mobile developers and marketers can leverage their app content to improve discoverability and optimize install campaigns. Integrating with Segment, we will make app discovery even easier by reducing SDK integrations and pairing organic attribution data with customer lifecycle data for further optimization." -- Alex Austin, CEO and co-founder of Branch

Scaling out the mobile offerings on its platform, Segment is well positioned to serve customers in an increasingly omnichannel world. Segment also supports web and backend platforms, bringing together a single view of the customer experience across devices.

Companies interested in joining Segment's mobile partner platform can get started here:

About Segment

Segment is a platform for collecting customer data wherever it's generated -- your website, mobile app, servers, and more -- and sending it to third-party tools, internal systems, or databases with the flip of a switch. By consolidating data tracking to a single API, Segment saves engineers' time integrating new tools, eliminates data discrepancies, and democratizes data access across organizations. Thousands of companies including HotelTonight, DraftKings, and Rdio use Segment as their core data infrastructure. To learn what Segment, visit today.