Offers a Quick Reminder of Travel Etiquette Heading Into Holidays

Before Traveling Brush Up on These Top Nine Rules of Airtiquette

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2015) -  Armrest hogging, seat kicking, loud talking, "fragrant" snacking -- all these things can wreak havoc on the psyche of airline passengers. As we enter the busy holiday travel season, the experts at, the online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, are here to help keep things calm with a short travel etiquette 101 course titled Top 9 Rules of Airtiquette. Traveling over the holidays can cause enough stress, so pack a little patience and follow these rules for a more pleasant flying experience for all.

Want to give yourself and others the gift of smoother air travel this year? Here are some little things to remember to pack in your carry-on -- deodorant, hand sanitizer and a neck pillow. And here are a few things to check at the gate -- tuna sandwiches, PDAs and germs. For more suggestions on travel manners, check out these first five rules from's tips on airtiquette:

  • Respect others' personal space - If you're a plane sleeper, it may be a good idea to invest in one of those neck pillows so you don't find yourself cuddled up with the person next to you. Early morning and red-eye flights are tough, and a good nap helps pass the time nicely. But sitting next to a fellow passenger does not make the two of you cuddle buddies. Please respect your fellow passengers' space when you float off to dreamland. And, while we're on the topic, please keep your legs, arms and luggage inside your designated seat area for the remainder of your flight.

  • Treat seat backs kindly - There isn't much room on a plane. The seat back is the only cushion separating us in these cramped quarters. And they're getting slimmer all the time. So please keep the poking and kicking to a minimum, and use a soft touch on that interactive screen. Also, remember when you yank on the seat in front of you to stand up or reposition, you are rocking the world of whoever is sitting in it. And, of course, cranking your seat back into the lap of the person behind you will win you no in-flight friends (especially during meal time), nevermind voiding any unspoken agreement that they'll treat your seat with kindness.

  • Keep your germs in check - The last thing any of us wants as a souvenir from our travels is the cold from the person sitting next to us on the plane. When sharing air in a confined space, it's more important than ever to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. No one likes a Mr. or Mrs. Sniffles (unless it's the name of your pet pug, because that's adorable). If you need a tissue, ask around or grab one from the lavatory. Whatever you do, just ask me for one instead of using your sleeve, please. Also, they make travel-sized hand sanitizer for a reason, so don't leave home without it.

  • Mind your aromas - Speaking of sharing the air with your neighbor: aromas waft and linger on a plane, and no one wants to sit next to Pig Pen. So if you're craving that tuna sandwich with a side of Funyuns, think again. Stick with acceptable snacks like grapes or crackers with (non-stinky) cheese. Likewise, no one wants to smell your feet on a seven-hour flight so please keep your shoes on. Your toes will have plenty of time to be free on a sandy beach. Additionally, just because you love your favorite perfume or cologne doesn't mean you need to bathe in it before your flight. As a rule of thumb, stick to one spritz before you jet set -- and, when in close quarters, a little deodorant can go a long way.

  • Support a calm and quiet vibe - There are certain social mores that come with traveling. For instance, even if you took a shot of espresso before the red-eye, respect your neighbors who are trying to get some shut-eye. Keep your seat-back TV or iPad headphones at an acceptable level because that '80s rock you're listening to isn't exactly a lullaby. You and the Eurythmics shouldn't be the only ones experiencing "Sweet Dreams." Similarly, watch the volume of the sound track (or your personal laugh track) from the movie you're screening. Got a juicy story or some good gossip to share? It can be hard to hold it in, especially after a mini bottle of Pinot Grigio, but try to keep the excitement and overall volume down. Although it's your prerogative to use your overhead light, do shut it off before you don your own eye mask or zone out with a movie. And when it comes time for landing and you're sitting in the window seat, lift the shade and share the view with those unlucky flyers crammed in the middle seat.

More airtiquette lessons include: Check the PDA at the gate; Take it easy on the boozing; Don't crowd the crowd; and Speed the process for all. To brush up on these lessons and see's complete Top 9 Rules of Airtiquette, visit

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