Concurrent Technologies Corporation's System for Laundry and Shower Recycle/Reuse (SYLAS-R2) is an Edison Award Nominee

JOHNSTOWN, Pa., Nov. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Concurrent Technologies Corporation's (CTC's) System for Laundry and Shower Recycle/Reuse (SYLAS-R2™) has been named as a 2016 Edison Award nominee. For over two decades, the Edison Awards™ have recognized and honored some of the most innovative products in the world. In 2013, CTC and Carnegie Mellon University's National Robotics Engineering Center received a Gold Edison Award for the Advanced Robotic Laser Coating Removal System.

SYLAS-R2™ is designed to make a significant impact on usage of water by efficiently processing and recycling some 90 percent of greywater generated by large commercial, governmental or institutional users. It was developed originally to solve a real-world problem for the Department of Defense—namely, reducing water resupply needs at forward operating bases. As such, broad implementation of SYLAS-R2 across various industries would markedly accelerate compliance with national water reuse standards and mandates.
"This system easily crosses over to shower and laundry-intensive facilities, including hotels, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and multi-unit residences," said Heather Moyer, CTC Executive Director, Emerging Technologies & Growth Initiatives. "We are currently collaborating with a national hotel developer to incorporate SYLAS-R2 into the design for a new hotel currently under construction. Success of this pilot could lead to national implementation across the hotel industry." This would result in millions of gallons of water conserved daily, cost savings via reduced water and sewage fees, and additional social and environmental benefits.
SYLAS-R2 relies upon a three-stage temperature-tolerant filtration sequence. Its uniqueness comes from incorporating separation media not traditionally used in water filtration. In addition, SYLAS-R2 uses customized control logic to optimize backwash recirculation and increase the overall processing rate. Finally, a unique energy recovery device at the reverse osmosis filtration stage dramatically reduces the system's overall energy consumption.
"These features and more combine to create SYLAS-R2, a first-of-its-kind, energy-efficient, scalable and fully-automated greywater processing and reuse system that requires little-to-no maintenance and uses few consumable inputs or parts," said Dr. Vicki A. Barbur, CTC Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. "This is a fantastic innovation from CTC inventors T.J. Piro, Michel McCluskey, Daniel Lieb, David Berkey, Jennifer Kronick, and Paul Brezovec, and CTC is honored to be a nominee for the prestigious Edison Award."
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