HGH Infrared Systems Supporting DSTL with Revolutionary, Mobile C2S Platform for Protection of Ships at Sea

BOSTON, Nov. 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- International manufacturer of award-winning panoramic infrared thermal imaging systems, HGH Infrared Systems, have been selected to incorporate their Spynel-S 3500 into an integrated Compact Combat System (C2S) for situational awareness and ship-based protection against small fast inshore attacks crafts (FIACs).

The innovative system has already been tested in trials in the UK and aims in part at securing war ships in perilous locations. Leading the project is UK-based Qinetiq, research and technology group, who have paired HGH's Spynel sensor alongside SharpEye radar from Kelvin Hughes and a Chess Dynamics Sea Eagle providing an electro-optical surveillance system, the innovative and modular design concept allows for a more mobile solution for afloat support ships or war ships.

The Spynel-S 3500 provides the infrared search and track component in the C2S which is housed on a standard ISO container to complete the fully integrated system. The open architecture design allows the Spynel-S to cohesively work with a PTZ, radar and AIS.

Spynel is the idea, all-weather solution for ship-based protection at sea or providing surveillance for ships docked at ports and has been previously deployed on French Navy war frigates for anti-piracy measures. With its constantly rotating sensor head, Spynel displays a full 360-degree panorama image with an impressive resolution of up to 120 Mpix. With its near real-time imagery captured by the proprietary Cyclope software, the Spynel detects and tracks an unlimited number of targets night and day, including: RHIBs, swimmers, wooden boats and larger tanks. Built-in algorithms developed over a decade ensure that sea clutter-maritime life, waves, etc.-is eliminated.

With all its Spynel models, HGH has been pro-active in allowing for a smooth integration with other security systems already in place to provide a comprehensive surveillance system either on land or at sea. 

About HGH Infrared Systems: Founded in 1982, HGH designs, develops, assembles and sells high end optronic systems for security and industrial applications. HGH's highly qualified engineering team comprises experts in optics, mechanics, electronics and software. HGH strives to provide advanced and innovative infrared equipment to protect their clients all around the world, while keeping the agility and dedication of a small and passionate team.  Speed, flexibility, technical excellence and innovation constitute its core values. HGH has established itself as an international reference for infrared technology innovation through the development of multiple advanced thermal sensors, among which its award-winning real-time 360 degree thermal camera, the Spynel-C - 2008 Product of the Year from Photonics Tech Briefs, 2010 Innovation Prize from the EuroNaval Committee, 2011 Kummerman Award from the French Academy of Marine, 2012 GovSec Platinum Award, 2012 Govies Homeland Security Award, and the 2014 Best Video Tracking/Wide Area/Long Range Surveillance from Government Security News' Airport, Seaport, and Border Security Awards Program.


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