Cohesive Networks' Virtual Network and Security Services Available in G-Cloud 7 806M Pounds Sterling Digital Marketplace

Government Agencies Connect Easily and Secure All Data and Applications in the Cloud

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - Nov 24, 2015) - Cohesive Networks today announced four VNS3 services have been accepted into the UK G-Cloud 7 and are available in the new Digital Marketplace, which launched yesterday. The four G-Cloud services: VNS3 Cloud Network Manager, VNS3 Application Security Controller, VNS3 Secure Network Appliance, and VNS3:vpn are software-only virtual appliances that allow organisations to create and control their own network on top of cloud IaaS infrastructure. 

Instant Access to VNS3 Cloud Services In Vibrant Public Sector Marketplace
"We've been in the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace since the beginning in 2012," said Chris Purrington, UK Managing Director and Head of Sales. "G-Cloud 7 reduces red tape, giving all Government organisations easy access to VNS3. Organisations can now run their systems in public clouds with the confidence that their data in motion is protected."

G-Cloud makes it easier for UK public sector organisations and System Integrators working on public projects to access to VNS3 services to provide security, connectivity, and integration for all their cloud based applications. Over 2,000 customers worldwide use VNS3 already.

VNS3 is also available for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, CenturyLink Cloud, ElasticHosts, IBM SoftLayer, Google, VMware, and most virtualized environments.

Cohesive Networks' Customer G-Cloud Use Case
A UK government local authority uses VNS3 to secure their systems in the cloud, meeting G-Cloud requirements for data encryption both in transit. With VNS3, the government agency was able to move many of their systems into the AWS public cloud, attest to UK security requirements, and provide IPsec-based failover to their local network. The organisation plans to do the same in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

About G-Cloud
The goal of the new G-Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace, which now boasts over 22,000 cloud services, is to simplify how organisations access internet-based computing, to make SMBs cloud services easier to buy, and to reduce the need to invest in owning hardware and software. The G-Cloud Framework means long contracting processes can be avoided and Government organisations can quickly get the best solution for their needs, even if it is from an SMB.

As of September 2015, G-Cloud reported sales totaled £806,601,438 excluding VAT. Of those sales, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) account for 50% of sales by value and 60% by volume. As of September, 77% of total sales by value were through the Central Government and the remaining 23% through public sector.

Visit the Digital Marketplace ( to view all available VNS3 services in G-Cloud.

About Cohesive Networks
Since the early days of cloud computing, Cohesive Networks have been at the forefront of connectivity and security. Cohesive's VNS3 software-only virtual appliances enable organisations to create and control their own network on top of cloud IaaS infrastructure and augment the services of all the public clouds with greater security for critical business systems. Today over 2,000 global enterprises use VNS3 to extend networks into public, private and hybrid clouds to provide security, connectivity, and integration for applications.

Cohesive Networks are members of the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA), members of the Amazon Partner Network, an Amazon Marketplace Seller, Microsoft Azure certified, Google Cloud Platform Authorized Technology Partner, CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace Provider, and IBM Business Partner.

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