Heavy Duty UV EPROM/Wafer Erasing System Perfect for High-Volume Applications

WESTBURY, NY--(Marketwired - November 24, 2015) - Whether erasing one EPROM chip or many, Spectronics Corporation provides design experts with the latest and most advanced UV EPROM/ wafer erasing systems.

Spectroline® PC-2200A UV EPROM/Wafer Erasing System is a portable, rugged unit that provides high UV intensity and irradiance uniformity to ensure quick, complete erasure of programmed memory from every EPROM chip or wafer in as little as 5.4 minutes.

The PC-2200A features two high-intensity, ozone-free, mercury vapor quartz grid lamp assemblies mounted on specular aluminum reflectors. The wafer erasing system produces a nominal initial short-wave UV (254 nm) intensity of 30,000 µW/cm². It has a load capacity of 168 individual 24-pin EPROMs and can also accommodate PC boards, metric cards and silicon wafers up to 8 inch (203 mm).

Powerful internal cooling fans control the cabinet temperature to ensure optimum UV intensity, maintain uniform output, and provide efficient erasing conditions. It also helps prolong the life of the grid lamps.

A removable tray insert is equipped with a built-in conductive foam pad for quick loading and unloading, and to also protect devices from electrostatic damage. It is height adjustable to maintain the optimum UV exposure distance. A safety interlock will not allow the unit to operate unless the loading drawer is fully closed.

Headquartered in Westbury, New York, Spectronics Corporation invented fluorescent leak detection in 1955, and remains the world's leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent dyes. Spectroline® cutting-edge, top-quality, industry-awarded lamps, dyes, radiometers and diagnostic tools are built to exacting standards, and are used for literally dozens of markets, some of which include Industrial, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Laboratory, Semiconductor, Nondestructive Testing and Forensics. Spectronics Corporation is dedicated to upholding high standards in design manufacturing, ensuring customer satisfaction and developing innovative technologies that make the world a better place. For more information, call toll-free 1-800-274-8888. Outside the U.S. and Canada, call 516-333-4840. Website at www.spectroline.com.

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