St. Francis Animal Hospital Treats Allergies and Common Pet Infections

Las Vegas, Nevada, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- St. Francis Animal Hospital treats common pet allergies and infections such as ear infections in the Las Vegas area. Small pets often suffer from allergies due to the warm, dry weather in the Las Vegas area. An allergy is an elevated immune system response to an otherwise normal stimulus.  Symptoms of allergy in pets include itchy, red and scabbed skin, eyes, or ears; frequent ear infections; intestinal distress such as vomiting and diarrhea; respiratory issues such as sneezing and snoring caused by throat inflammation; and/or noticeably increased scratching of the ears, neck, back, or tail.  Pets develop allergies when, like their human counterparts, their bodies begin to recognize an everyday substance as an invader. Pets can develop allergies to pollen, mold spores, feathers, cigarette smoke, food ingredients, perfumes, cleaning products and rubber or plastic materials.

According to Dr. Drake of St. Francis Animal Hospital, pet allergies are more common than people think. "We usually associate the words 'pet allergies' with human beings who display symptoms of allergy when exposed to small animals such as cats or dogs," stated Dr. Drake. "However, cats and dogs that are allergic to their environment are more common than people think. Any time you notice increased scratching you should bring your pet into our office for evaluation and treatment before a worsening problem can develop."

When screening for pet allergies, the team at St. Francis Animal Hospital will conduct a thorough evaluation of the patient including an inventory of symptoms that the pet parent has noticed. The team will look for evidence of other conditions which can cause allergy-like symptoms such as a bacterial or yeast infection which should be treated immediately. If allergies are to blame, treatment includes pet parent education about avoidance of symptom triggers, maintaining clean bedding, bathing with prescription shampoos, and possibly, a prescription diet. 

When allergies are suspected, Dr. Drake encourages his clients to bring their pets in immediately. "This is not something you can easily diagnose and treat at home. A bacterial, fungal, or yeast infection can easily cause the same type of symptoms. Without immediate medical intervention, these conditions can cause a lot of unnecessary suffering for your pet and even cause serious health problems. If allergies are to blame, we can make several recommendations for home treatment that will alleviate your pet's suffering and improve his or her quality of life."

If you suspect your pet is suffering from allergies or ear infections, contact Saint Francis Animal Hospital for an appointment. The animal clinic is located at 1208 S. Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104. The hospital can be reached at (702) 384-6161 during regular office hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon on Saturdays.


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