Southlake Homeowners Choose Superior Concrete Products Ledgestone Fence

Aging Wood Fence Replaced by a Lifetime-Guaranteed Concrete Fence That Looks Like Stacked Stone

EULESS, Texas, Nov. 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Superior Concrete Products, a North-Texas-based manufacturer of precast concrete fence and barrier products, was selected by a Southlake homeowner to replace a wood fence that had seen better days. Richard Asprey and his wife Michaela were surprised when they realized their pricey wood fence was deteriorating and needed to be replaced with just over a decade of service. Replacing a fence every decade or so seemed like throwing away good money, so the homeowner started researching alternative fence materials. Spotting an attractive concrete fence in their neighborhood, the Aspreys reached out to the manufacturer, Todd Sternfeld the CEO and founder of Superior Concrete Products, to learn more about his products and services.     

“While traditional fences look good when installed, the Texas heat, ground movement and weather deteriorates them quickly. It only takes a few years before home or business owners must start an endless cycle of patch and repair as rotting lumber, rust or cracking mortar erode the integrity of conventional fence materials. With precast concrete, you have all of the advantages of old-style fencing without any of the headaches,” said Sternfeld. 

“Superior Concrete Products has been producing fences in a variety of sizes, finishes and colors for more than 29 years. The key advantage of precast concrete is that it is strong, and you can duplicate the look and feel of wood, brick, stucco, or stone, while manufacturing a product that is pleasing to the eye. For homeowners who are tired of spending their spare cash and weekends making repairs, a custom fence made of precast concrete will be the last fence you purchase for your property. I guarantee it,” he added.

After speaking with Sternfeld, the Aspreys selected a stately 8-foot-tall Superior Ledgestone™ fence and column system in White Portland precast concrete. “I’m from England, and it was surprising to learn how quickly the Texas climate and those brutally hot summers damaged our wood fence,” said homeowner Richard Asprey. “I like my home and wanted a permanent fence solution that offered privacy. And, the fence needed to be attractive, compliment the exterior of my home and yard, while being maintenance free. I couldn’t be more pleased with my new precast concrete ledgestone fence. The install went smoothly and the crew left my yard in shape for the new landscaping that was planted the following week.”

“Everything looks beautiful! And, now that the fence is installed, I like it so much that I’ve decided to order two additional fences for other properties that I own. The concrete looks like stacked ledgestone, but without the expense and mortar problems. Better yet, I will never have to pay for another repair or replace the fence – ever,” Asprey said. 

Specializing in the manufacturing of precast fence and barrier products for home and business owners since 1986, Superior Concrete Products makes fences of various designs that are as good-looking as they are strong, and easy to construct. Composed of a proprietary post and panel system, Superior Concrete Products’ fences are designed to flex during adverse weather conditions and ground movement without failing – effectively withstanding hurricane-force winds and earthquakes. Impervious to damage from insects, rot and rust, all of the company’s fences can be customized by height, color and finish to compliment any décor.

For security-minded customers, the company has developed another new product enhancement – Superior Ballistics, a proprietary membrane that makes the company’s strong fences even more powerful. Targeting customers that need a high level of security, Superior Ballistics can be manufactured into Superior Ledgestone or any of the company’s other solid fence panels. Once the barrier is embedded, the fence becomes durable enough to withstand the impact of high-caliber ammunition. Most importantly, a ballistics-reinforced fence is virtually identical to all of the company’s other fence products.

In addition to fences, Superior Concrete Products offers a variety of other products and services. The company manufactures concrete columns, Recon™ retaining walls and precast buildings. The company even installs security gates and systems that work with SCP fence products. “Good fences make for good neighbors, and all of our products are designed to be affordable, attractive and guaranteed to last a lifetime, which keeps you and your neighbors happy,” Sternfeld added. To learn more about Superior Concrete Products and the company’s line of fence and barrier products, phone 817-277-9255 or visit

About Superior Concrete Products:

Founded in 1986, Superior Concrete Products engineers, manufactures and installs precast concrete walls, fences, structures and other barrier systems for the utility substations, residential developments, golf courses and the farming/ranching industries throughout North America. The company also has installations abroad and licenses precast mold products and services in countries around the globe. Certified by the National Precast Concrete Association, the company is headquartered in Euless, Texas. For more information, go to


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