Innovation in Diversity Award Winners Announced Today

Leading the Way to Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

Westlake, Ohio, UNITED STATES

Cleveland, OH, Dec. 03, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Profiles in Diversity Journal today proudly announced the winners of the 12th Annual International Innovation in Diversity Awards. Among those leading the way this year are The Walt Disney Company, Chevron, KeyBank, Gibbons P.C., and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

The 2015 awards generated a wide-range of innovative applicants from businesses and organizations around the world. In addition to the top 10 innovators in diversity, there are seven companies being recognized this year for excellence in diversity innovation. The emerging focus of the numerous applicants was an alignment of diversity with their business goals, both in the workplace and the marketplace.

“Collectively, they are forging ahead with global acclaim in innovative strategies that are making a difference,” PDJ Publisher James R. Rector said. “Diversity brings an array of life experiences and views that consistently produce a variety of new concepts and ideas,” he added.

This year’s top 10 winners in innovation and diversity are:

  1. The Walt Disney Company
  2. Chevron / True Blue Inclusion
  3. Gibbons P.C.
  4. Coca-Cola Enterprises
  5. KeyBank
  6. ConAgra Foods, Inc.
    7. Saskatoon Health Region
  7. Latham & Watkins LLC
  8. Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
  9. Capitol One


The 2015 Awards of Excellence for innovation in diversity are awarded to Aerotek ULC Canada; Electronic Art; Kindred Healthcare, Inc.; National Hispanic Corporate Council; New York Life; Plan Canada; and Stikeman Elliott LLC.

These leaders are incorporating fresh perspectives and different ways of thinking through realigning recruitment practices, linking diversity goals to performance metrics, thinking broader and networking wider. They all demonstrate that change is a foundation for innovation and their business future is connected to the power to innovate.                                             Continued on 2

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All 17 winners are aligning diversity with business goals for driving innovation and growth. Highlights of the top 10 include:

  • Walt Disney’s model program for transitioning veterans into the workforce that is gaining momentum across the country.
  • Chevron’s innovative approach in South Africa that’s making a difference in employment equity for people and businesses.
  • Gibbons P.C. is seeking to raise the bar with metrics for fairness in its recommendation for uniform standards in the legal procurement process.
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises is engaging multiple generations in the United Kingdom through a mix of internal insight, external experience, and the latest academia research.
  • ConAgra Foods, Inc. is leveraging diversity in thought as a roadmap for successfully driving real-world business results.
  • Saskatoon Heath Region is helping international healthcare workers in Canada overcome barriers and opening pathways allowing them to excel in health professions.
  • Latham & Watkins LLC is inspiring the next generation of lawyers through its Diversity Leadership Academy for building relationships and creating future leaders.
  • KeyBank’s unique talent acquisition strategy is creating a cultural shift resulting in a substantial increase in workforce diversity.
  • The Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) is delivering excellence through its Inclusive Culture Series, supporting the delivery of high quality patient care while ensuring an inclusive and healthy work environment for about 204,000 employees.
  • Capital One’s model Magellan Program is educating, connecting and empowering its employees’ career paths in a successful program being shared with other businesses.

Winners are being profiled in the December 2015 Edition of Profiles in Diversity Journal (Publication release date December 20)

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