Stylyze Launches Product Discovery Platform for Home Decor Retailers

Data-Driven Recommendation Technology Offers Online Stores New Way to Upsell

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON--(Marketwired - Dec. 4, 2015) - Stylyze has launched its product discovery technology designed for online home décor retailers who want to offer data-driven, styled recommendations to help their customers shop with confidence. Stylyze has coded the brain of an interior designer to recommend cross-merchandised Styleboards for every product.

Stylyze's patent-pending technology attributes retailers' catalogs with color and style-related data, and uses that data with proprietary algorithms to create Styleboards. Stylyze taps into the peripheral vision of the customer by recommending "looks" for products the customer is viewing. To date, Stylyze has generated thousands of shoppable Styleboards for their partnership with modern home decor retailer, Apt2B.

"The home décor industry's response to Stylyze has been extremely validating. We're providing a tool that the market is hungry for," said Kristen Miller, co-founder and CEO of Stylyze. "Retailers recognize the e-commerce potential Stylyze offers in upselling cart orders and providing consumers with the confidence to shop online."

Stylyze wants to make finding products easier to lead to greater customer satisfaction and higher yields for retailers, challenges that Stylyze's product single-handedly tackles.

"Intelligent style and color coordination, especially when it comes to the home, has been an ongoing challenge for both retailers and consumers," added Lisa Perrone, Stylyze's creative director and co-founder. "Online shoppers can see 'suggested items' on almost any site, but knowing what works best together is the missing link, which we fill."

The Seattle-based tech startup has teamed up with premium paint brands like Portland-based Colorhouse and others to offer Stylyze's retail partners, which include Apt2B and Burke Décor to recommend matching paint palettes to complete a Styleboard's look.

About Stylyze

Stylyze is a personalized product discovery platform that uses color and style to help people create a personal lifestyle brand and shop with confidence. The platform's personally styled approach takes the guesswork out of online shopping to help people find and coordinate products they love. The company's mission is based on the belief that everyone has a unique style and discovering products to express it should be fun and easy. Its current retail partners include Burke Décor, Apt2B, and more.

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