MULTIMEDIA UPDATE - MovieLaLa GIF Maker Debuts for Design and Marketing Pros

Easily Create Branded GIFs: Filters, Customize Length, Visual Content, Logo Placement and More

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2015) - MovieLaLa, the social network for movie fans and movie marketers, today announced MovieLaLa GIF Maker, the first professional GIF creation app built for the robust needs of the design-oriented creator and marketing departments, yet easy enough for the everyday enthusiast. MovieLaLa's GIF Maker desktop app allows professionals to utilize any form of video, select visual content from over 200 different sources, add their own captions and logo watermark and either download the GIF or publish across popular social channels. Designers and GIF makers can use GIF Maker basic for free or subscribe to pro and commercial editions for more filters and features.

"Today's professionals design on their computers, and they need tools that simplify and streamline the GIF-making and publishing process," said Dana Loberg, CEO and co-founder of MovieLaLa, "GIF Maker is simple, easy to use, flexible and powerful. We made it that way for our team. They loved it. Their enthusiasm inspired us to offer the app to every GIF Maker in the world."

Enhance GIF visuals for increased engagement MovieLaLa GIF Maker features allow designers to build more unique and creative GIFs privately on their desktops without having automatic exposure on public websites.

MovieLaLa GIF Maker pro-version provides filters for customization, and dozens more will be added in the next couple weeks, for customizing and branding visual content, including the ability to:

  • add your own brand and logo to the GIFs for company awareness
  • create GIFs of different lengths (longer than 2MB)
  • make GIFs with higher quality and clarity
  • write on the GIFs and customize with different fonts
  • build private GIFs on the desktop

New real time filters, different fonts for writing on GIFs, and more branding features will be delivered through automatic updates to the GIF Maker app.

MovieLaLa GIF Maker is available immediately in both free, pro and commercial-editions. Please visit to download.

About MovieLaLa
MovieLaLa is a social network for movie fans: discovering upcoming movies through friends and favorite stars. For marketers, MovieLaLa is a marketing platform to help movie marketers increase the buzz, awareness and engagement of upcoming movies to ensure strong first week sales. Strategic investors for MovieLaLa include Marc Benioff, Machinima co-founder and CEO Allen DeBevoise, past HBO president of digital initiatives and Warner Bros Online President, Jim Moloshok, founding Flixster investor Larry Braitman and more investors from the entertainment industry. MovieLaLa strengthens ties between Hollywood and Silicon Valley after an era of digital piracy tore them apart.

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MovieLaLa GIF Maker: Enhance and Brand GIF visuals, Increase Engagement