ScaleArc Becomes Google Cloud Platform Partner, Collaborating to Improve MySQL Database Performance, Scale, Transparency and Control

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Dec. 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ScaleArc, the leading provider of database load balancing software, announced today that it is joining the Google for Work Partner Program. The ScaleArc software runs on Google Cloud Platform to support Google Cloud SQL, a fully-managed database service that makes it easy to set up and administer enterprise relational MySQL databases in the cloud.

The collaboration between Google Cloud Platform and ScaleArc will enable enterprises to benefit from simplified access to database services including high availability, automated provisioning, storage growth and backup, and integrated monitoring and alerts.

Google Cloud SQL is designed to deliver higher performance and scale; broader platform integration with Google Compute Engine, Google Application Service, and Google Container Engine; improved security; and enhanced transparency and scale. Companies using Google Cloud Platform gain greater performance insights and flexibility in maintenance scheduling.

ScaleArc augments Google Cloud SQL by supporting app-transparent failover and simplified application migration to the cloud. During database failover, whether within or between Google Cloud Platform regions, ScaleArc will hold inbound database requests until the failover is complete, shielding applications from errors. In addition, the ScaleArc software aggregates multiple smaller database instances to appear to the app as one large database server, easing app migration into the cloud.

"As companies scale, the database often emerges as the weakest link in the infrastructure, creating application downtime," said Justin Barney, president and CEO of ScaleArc. "Using ScaleArc with Google Cloud SQL removes these scalability challenges, letting enterprises focus on strategic application development instead of tedious database tuning, and they can build a zero downtime environment. We are very impressed with Google's vision for Google Cloud SQL and look forward to continuing to innovate on seamless database solutions that support on-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployments."

ScaleArc, which has enjoyed Gartner recognition as a Cool Vendor and as providing key technology in its IT Service Continuity Hype Cycle, is focused on enabling zero downtime for apps in a database environment. The ScaleArc software drops in transparently between apps and database, providing an abstraction layer that shields apps from database failures, simplifies scale out, and increases app performance. The ScaleArc Software also simplifies the process of moving enterprise workloads into the cloud.

About ScaleArc

ScaleArc is the leading provider of database load balancing software that provides continuous availability for all applications. The ScaleArc software enables an agile data tier, enhancing database performance, scalability, and security while providing new levels of real-time visibility for application environments, whether on premise or in the cloud. Learn more about ScaleArc, its customers, and partners at

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