Pericom Expands Signal Integrity Portfolio With Linear ReDriver/Repeater Family

Linear ReDrivers Provide Link Training Compliance for High Speed Protocols

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 15, 2015) - Pericom Semiconductor Corporation, recently acquired by Diodes Incorporated (NASDAQ: DIOD), a leading supplier of serial high-speed switching, connectivity, signal-integrity and timing solutions, today announced the complete portfolio of Linear ReDriver/Repeater signal integrity products covering the high speed protocols of Display Port 1.3 6Gbps, PCI Express 8Gbps (PCIe 3), HDMI 2.0 8Gbps, Ethernet 10Gbps, USB 3.1/Thunderbolt 10Gb, and SAS3 12Gbps.

Linear ReDrivers/Repeaters enable special 'link training' signals to pass though the device without any change. Preserving these special signals as they pass through the redriver is essential in allowing the platform to meet signal compliance testing that is required for platforms utilizing, for example, PCIe3, 10Gb Ethernet, or SAS3. Other benefits include easier adjustment of the redriver settings and a wider range of channel lengths for any given redriver setting. Linear redrivers are utilized on platforms such as server, storage, networking, PC/NB, and some embedded applications with protocol speeds of 8Gbps and higher.

"Pericom has worked closely with industry processor and controller IC partners to provide compliant signal integrity solutions to platform designers," said Bill Weir, Sr. Director Marketing, Pericom Semiconductor. "Our newest linear redriver family provides designers with cost effective and protocol compliant solutions to extend high speed channels on their platforms with minimum adjustment time."

Pericom's Linear ReDrivers provide programmable input equalization, linear swing and flat gain control to optimize high speed signals across the PCB trace or cable.

PI3EQX8904/ PI3EQX8908A are PCIe 3.0 compliant, 8Gbps link speed, four channel (8904) and 8 channel (8908A) and PI3EQX10904/ PI3EQX10908A are 10Gb Ethernet / KR compliant, 10Gbps link speed, four channel (10904) and 8 channel (10908A) Linear ReDrivers with link training compliant performance. Each has I2C master/slave mode controlling up to 16 redrivers from one low cost EEPROM, per channel adjustments, flow through pinouts, and space saving TQFN packages.

PI3DPX1203 is a DisplayPort 1.3 compliant, 8Gbps link speed, four differential channels Linear ReDriver with link training transparent mode. The linear mode amplifier allows full compliance to link training signals. PI3DPX1203 is ideal for USB Type-C connector sink and source-side applications with PD controllers.

PI3EQX1001/ PI3EQX1002B are low power, high performance single channel (1001) and dual channel (1002B) Linear ReDrivers/Repeaters are solutions designed specifically to extend both USB3.1 Gen1 ( 5Gbps) and USB3.1 Gen2(10Gbps) high speed signals across PCB channels and cable applications, with or without Type-C connectors.

PI3EQX1204-C is a SAS 3.0 compliant, 12Gbps link speed, and PI3HDX1204D is an HDMI 2.0 compliant, 6Gbps link speed, four differential channels Linear ReDrivers with link training transparent mode. The linear mode amplifier allows full compliance to link training signals.

Pricing & Availability
All members of the new Linear ReDriver/Repeater family offer simulation models, support, and evaluation boards. The PI3DPX1203, PI3EQX8904/ PI3EQX8908A, PI3EQX10904/ PI3EQX10908A, PI3EQX1204-C, and PI3HDX1204D are available in production quantities with quoted leadtime, while the PI3EQX1001/ PI3EQX1002B are sampling now, and production quantities in 1QCY16. Additional information and a volume pricing quote is available from Pericom worldwide sales, or by requesting a specific product price quote on
Complete portfolio of ReDrivers is available here.

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Bill Weir
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Pericom Semiconductor
Milpitas, California USA

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Pericom Semiconductor
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