Jeffrey Mohlman of Dayton, Ohio Forms Joint Venture With Kerry Group Properties

DAYTON, OH--(Marketwired - Dec 18, 2015) - Jeffrey Mohlman, Co-owner of Renovation Investors, LLC in Dayton, OH recently formed a joint-venture with Kerry Group Properties Inc. to introduce a new program for "choosey" real estate buyers. Since 1987, Kerry Group Properties Inc. has been building new construction, renovating and rehabbing existing structures and managing real estate properties.

Over the past year, Mohlman had noticed a trend in the 'Millennial' home buyer. "This group of mostly first-time home buyers look at everything differently," said Mohlman. "It seems like they have an 'App' for everything they want to do or buy. I noticed it first when a relative who was trying to buy his first house had looked at a bunch of properties in the Dayton area and over the course of a month or so one thing kept coming up. With every house he looked at, in his $100-150,000 price range every property he liked was outdated. I kept hearing him say that he liked some of the properties, but he would have to spend $20-30,000 on most of them in the first 3 years to get what he wanted."

After watching an episode of the popular TV show "Property Brothers" on HGTV Mohlman met with Doug Eastham, owner of Kerry Group Properties Inc. They created a similar process for buying a 'used' house, in 'new' condition. There are 3 main steps to the process. 1) Identify a 'choosey' home buyer with specific desires and locate a house for them, 2) work with Kerry Properties Group Inc. to customize the house to fit the buyer's vision. This often includes; windows, doors, flooring, roofing, HVAC, bathrooms, kitchen and sometimes adding or removing walls, 3) close on the house with the new owner.

This process accomplishes multiple benefits for the buyer. They can stay within their budget requirements, have the added luxury of an up to date house, and their house will have been designed to meet their personalized vision.

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