Images Luxury Nail Lounge Treats Women at Local Shelters to a Day of Pampering

Elite Nail Salon Delivers Free Monthly Mani-Pedi Treatments to Orange County, California Women’s Shelters

Newport Beach, Calif, Dec. 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Images Luxury Nail Lounge, home to some of the most luxurious mani-pedi treatments in the country, announced today three new partnerships with women’s shelters in the Orange County, California area through March, 2016. Each month, the salon is sending its most elite nail technicians to pamper and primp the mothers at these organizations with complimentary manicures and pedicures. 

“Many of these women have had to overcome significant difficulties in their lives,” said Tony Nguyen, general manager of Images Luxury Nail Lounge. “As they work to rebuild their lives, we want to treat them to a little luxury. It isn’t much, but a bit of pampering and a top-notch mani-pedi can be a great confidence booster and we’re happy to help.”

Known for their extravagant diamond-studded and gold finished nail designs that can cost upwards of $20,000, Images Luxury Nail Lounge makes it a point to regularly give back to their community as often as possible. Monthly, Images Luxury Nail Lounge will be bringing its therapeutic mineral baths, hydrating massage oils, top quality nail lacquers, and its coveted nail stylists on the road to serve 20-50 women at local shelters.

“It is incredibly important to us to serve our community,” said Nguyen. “Whether that means visiting senior living communities or women’s shelters, there is nothing that brightens our days more than giving back to these individuals who truly deserve it.”

To get involved or to have Images come to an organization near you, please contact Bailey Potter at 323.937.1951.

About Images Luxury Nail Lounge

Images Luxury Nail Lounge offers a state-of-the-art interior design to bring its guests a little getaway from all the stresses of their lives. The salon provides a complete collection of therapeutic and refreshing nail care, as well as waxing and facial treatments. A pleasant treat for the hands and feet, Images pampers customers with scrubs and baths in marine mineral blends, nail trims customized to certain shapes and lengths, hydrating hot oil treatments, relaxing massages and application of colored nail lacquers, with additional glitz like real diamonds or carats of gold available.

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