abas Expert Series: Joris Basiglio

STERLING, VA--(Marketwired - December 30, 2015) - Joris Basiglio is a Software Architect for abas ERP who develops mobile and web apps that create a better customer experience for abas users. After completing his Master's Degree in Computer Science last year, Joris joined abas and has helped us revolutionize our web apps to make our ERP technology easier to use, more accessible, and better equipped for the modern business.

Joris recently spoke with us about his work at abas and his ideas about the future of ERP technology.

Question: Can you tell us about some of the web apps that you are working on or have already developed?

Answer: My biggest project has been to develop an integration system for abas ERP. Many ERP systems have trouble communicating with third-party applications. Most solutions lack the means to use new technologies, particularly web systems, to integrate with other apps and services.

My first contribution to the project was creating software, called abas Unity, which serves as a middleware platform between abas and third-party applications, giving developers the ability to communicate with the ERP system using up-to-date tools. This platform benefits developers by providing an API that all developers know how to use, and respecting new recommended web standards.

The next major initiative I worked on was the integration of webshop software called Magento, and synchronized all the data between Magento and our ERP platform. We have also developed a vendor portal that serves as a web hub for customers and vendors to create purchase orders and otherwise interact.

All of these projects are about making life easier for customers through modern interfaces that improve communication and efficiency, and keep their products up to date.

Question: Can you go into detail about how these solutions are creating value for abas customers?

Answer: Let's talk about the vendor portal. The aim of that system is to create a new web interface for vendor-customer interactions. Before this solution was available, the vendor would need to call their customers and ask them to create a purchase order for a product.

With the web portal, vendors can connect to a website where they review all of the products that the client needs and that the vendor is supposed to provide. With that information in hand, the vendor can look at the products and make suggestions such as, "I can send you 20 of this product for this price at this time." The suggestion can go to the client, with the entire transaction handled within the web portal. If they agree to the suggestion, they can send the process onto the next stage without leaving the web interface.

The vendor portal simplifies the processes and communication between vendors and their customers that are leveraging our ERP solution.

Question: Moving forward, how do you see the ERP landscape changing?

Answer: Before coming to abas, I always saw ERP systems as old products. Most of them were built in the 80's, and the people developing the software rely on what has already been done and is already working. They don't want to put resources into modernizing the technology and bringing it up to date.

Modernization is a key component of abas ERP. We make the ERP software engaging by using the latest technologies on the web, allowing developers and products to communicate with the system easily. Before modernization began, communication with ERP software was very limited and developers only worked with what they had. We want to change that by making the ERP system more "talkative," so it can communicate even with older ERP solutions and software.

Question: What new or near-future projects are you working on?

Answer: We are currently looking at cloud solutions. We are trying to gather all of the products that our development team has already made into a central cloud platform. From there, when a customer buys the product, they won't have to install the system. Everything will already be on the cloud, and we will only need to provide them with the credentials necessary to access the system directly.

This is one of our future projects that could be really interesting. Being able to put everything in the cloud and make web applications communicate with the ERP system inside the network is extremely exciting.

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