Pickert & Partner and abas ERP Work Together to Help Customers Decrease Product Defects

STERLING, VA--(Marketwired - January 04, 2016) - Pickert & Partner, a software company based in Pfinztal, Germany, is partnered with abas USA to provide advanced quality software functionality to abas ERP users.

"The main goal of our integration with abas ERP is to yield a zero-defects production process for the user," said Sven O. Rimmelspacher, Managing Director at Pickert.

Pickert's RQM (Real-time. Quality. Manufacturing.) software is a solution for all quality and manufacturing requirements. The quality management software (CAQ), a main component of RQM, works by avoiding known defects and identifying those that occur during a process so future occurrences can be avoided. The manufacturing execution software (MES) allows users to control and monitor their whole production processes. With these functions, users are better able to reach the end goal of a zero-defect product.

"With the integration of abas ERP and RQM, we have a simple approach to a software that is leaner, faster, and more reliable for customers," said Rimmelspacher.

RQM and abas ERP work together by exchanging data that enables abas users to find the best way to monitor and manage their production processes.

"Our partnership with Pickert has been a great success so far," said Alan Salton, President of abas USA. "The software provides additional functionality in abas ERP that benefits many of our customers by helping them improve their quality management."

Pickert specializes in software for quality management, production management, and traceability. Pickert provides a comprehensive software system that allows customers to produce quality products and meet many common industry standards. RQM is used worldwide throughout 20 different countries, and targets the manufacturing industry.

abas is an innovator of ERP solutions for mid-size businesses aspiring to be leaders in their industry. We use our 30+ years of experience to deliver exactly what our customers need -- software that is agile, intuitive, sustainable for the long term, and that works anywhere around the world.

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