Sensoria Debuts Wearable Development Platform at CES 2016 and Broadens Smart Running System With New Styles and Colors

Smart Clothing Rapid Development Platform Powered by New Sensoria Core Electronics Brings IoT Capabilities to a Wide Range of Products and Sports Apparel Brands

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 04, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sensoria Inc., a world leader in wearable fitness technology, will be debuting enhancements and updates to its Smart Running System—which is the first and only open, connected multi-garment wearable system on the market—at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The new version of the web dashboard and mobile app are able to collect data for users on two, new valuable metrics—foot impact score and average stride length—as well as provide advanced cardio training through heart rate zone and heart rate variability tracking. The updated web dashboard provides users easy access to more meaningful insights and trends analysis—comparing shoes, impact forces and running form together with more traditional performance metrics across segments within a session, as well as trends over time.

“Our goal is to help people run faster, further and healthier,” said CEO and co-founder Davide Vigano. “The data our technology is able to collect has not been collected before, much less, presented to runners in an easy-to-understand interface. We’ve seen studies that show how impact force and over-striding are linked to injuries so we want to help people identify bad habits, and correct them. Our web dashboard’s virtual shoe closet also makes it easier for people to track the mileage on their shoes, and get automatically notified when it is time to replace them, receiving recommendations on the next best pair of shoes based on their own running form and performance data.”

Sensoria is also expanding its collection of smart upper body garments to enhance the running experience, accommodate more options for exercise under various conditions and provide users with more color choices. New additions to the line will include:

  • Men’s short sleeve smart t-shirt
  • Men’s long sleeve smart t-shirt
  • Women’s medium support smart sports bra
  • Four new colors: white, red, royal blue and neon green

In addition to the updated running system, Sensoria will be showcasing its new wearable technology platform, the Sensoria Development Kit. The Sensoria Development Kit allows companies to harness the same technology components used in Sensoria’s smart garment running system to enable smart sensing capabilities across different scenarios.  A key component of this platform is the new Sensoria Core electronics module.  Sensoria Core features best of breed, ultra-low power SoC, storage, the ability to connect to multiple footwear and garment embedded sensors and also boasts a 9-axis MEMS sensor.  This new embeddable technology will be integrated into Sensoria’s smart garment products, and will also get embedded into third-party footwear and clothing.   

According to Kobie Fuller, a former captain of the Harvard track team, multi Ivy league champion sprinter, and now venture capitalist at Accel Partners, “Sensoria Core is a wearable platform that can be integrated seamlessly into apparel that provides quality biometric data and user feedback. Wearables will become more and more part of our everyday lives. The health and usage data will help inform us on how we can better live our lives, increase athletic performance and more.”

One application of the Sensoria Core is to replace the existing electronic anklet that snaps to the front of the award-winning Sensoria socks. Just like the anklet, Sensoria Core will collect data about a user’s run and transmit it wirelessly to Sensoria’s mobile app. However, Sensoria Core is half the weight and size of the current anklet, has approximately twice the battery life and has on-board storage. Users will have the option to use the system with or without a smart phone.  

Maurizio Macagno, CTO and co-founder of Sensoria, said, “Running is just one of the scenarios that Sensoria can enable. We recognize the wide interests across different industry sectors to adapt wearable technology in a meaningful way. Our technology platform is suitable for apparel, sporting goods, wellness and health devices to name just a few. As part of the technology platform, the Sensoria Core offers integration capabilities with a wide array of sensors.”

For more information, stop by Sensoria’s booth at the Sands Expo in Tech West #74100 or visit

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