Open Data Center Alliance White Paper Addresses DevOps Organizational Philosophy

Learn how DevOps concept can drive agility, quality and innovation within legacy IT and cloud investments, processes and staff


PORTLAND, Ore., Jan. 4, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) today published a whitepaper titled "DevOps: Magnifying Business Value" to address an evolution in the way companies plan, deploy and manage IT and operational investments and projects.

DevOps is a philosophy and concept intended to improve the process of software development and change management. By eliminating silos prevalent in traditional Development and Operations organizations, companies can build, test and release software, cloud applications or infrastructure changes more frequently and reliably.

The ODCA is addressing the DevOps concept because cloud applications, service providers and cloud service brokers are becoming more prevalent in IT and operations. Cloud tools can reduce the complexity of implementing a DevOps approach through automation of positioning, environment creation or deployments, to name a few.

To maximize benefits, a full DevOps implementation requires significant business backing and investment. Because there is no universal definition of or approach to DevOps, it is important that these implementations are carefully planned. Organizations should leverage best practices from previous adoptions of the approach with clear goals, well-defined strategy and active management of the plan.
"DevOps is simple because it focuses on the three concepts of speed, quality and innovation. Yet the execution can be challenging, because it centers on people, processes and tools," said Gunnar Menzel, president of the Open Data Center Alliance. "DevOps and cloud technologies are helping enterprises evolve from organizations to responsive organisms, and the ODCA is proud to contribute to the advancement of this important concept."

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DevOps defines a set of roles and responsibilities focused on reducing risk in IT deployments and projects. By connecting development and operations, enterprise IT departments can begin to break down silos in order to:

  • maximize automation;
  • eliminate or significantly reduce human error;
  • increase consistency; and
  • reduce time spent on the outages, error detection and prevention caused by unstable environments

"DevOps: Magnifying Business Value" outlines the ODCA perspective on the DevOps concept, focusing on key challenges it can help resolve and the benefits it can provide.
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Mark Your Calendars for Free DevOps Webinar – January 27, 2016

The ODCA will host a free webinar next month with Gunnar Menzel, President of ODCA, Chief Architect of Capgemini Infra.

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