Cycle Count / Physical Inventory App

STERLING, VA--(Marketwired - January 05, 2016) - The Cycle Count / Physical Inventory App is a tool that lets abas users inventory their materials in a modern way: without pen and paper. This app is supported by both the iPhone/iPod and iPad sizes, is time-efficient, and decreases room for errors that can occur when recording inventory manually. For cycle count, the app allows you to manage inventory sporadically on a day-to-day basis, whereas physical inventory lets users count their materials all at once. The app syncs directly with the stocktaking sheet in abas ERP, allowing more than one user to count inventory at a time, and all of the recordings done by each user to be accounted for in one place. The Cycle Count / Physical Inventory App allows for the paperless processing of a high volume of data, and is a crucial tool for companies who are preparing for the upcoming year.

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Users can view a summary of existing count sheets that illustrate their status (iPhone display). Count sheets display all of the items within a particular inventory group (iPhone display). Users can manage their inventory using the itemized count sheet, which syncs to the stocktaking shee