Solera Health Joins Forces With HealthSlate to Connect At-Risk Patients With New Mobile Diabetes Prevention Program

Partnership Extends Company's Network of Digital Program Providers, Giving Consumers Greater Choice in Lifestyle Management Initiatives for Chronic Disease Prevention

PHOENIX, AZ and BELLEVUE, WA--(Marketwired - Jan 12, 2016) - Solera Health, Inc., a technology-enabled health community integrator for evidence-based chronic disease prevention, today announced that HealthSlate LLC, a provider of mobile evidence-based chronic disease prevention and management programs, has joined its growing network of Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) providers. Through this partnership, Solera is now offering eligible patients even greater choice when it comes to selecting a digital lifestyle modification program that aligns with their individual needs and preferences.

According to the American Diabetes Association the economic burden of prediabetes is up 74 percent over five years, exceeding more than $322 billion in excess medical costs and lost productivity. With one person diagnosed with type 2 diabetes every 17 seconds in the United States and one in five health care dollars now being spent on caring for diagnosed individuals, the need for efficient and effective services and solutions for minimizing the proliferation of the disease is more critical than ever.

In response to the increasing demand for resources that can curb this growing health threat, HealthSlate has developed a new mobile-based DPP that helps consumers live the life they want while working to reverse prediabetes. The company's DPP is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and includes personalized care from dedicated nutritionists and health coaches, connected fitness trackers and scales, and peer support. The HealthSlate platform can also be integrated within the health care team, such that primary care and specialty providers can access information about the patient's self-management activities and outcomes and remotely support the patient if desired. Clinical trials have demonstrated better weight loss success for people whose doctor is proactively involved in the effort.1

Solera was founded with the mission of transforming the chronic disease prevention delivery program model as it exists today by simplifying the contracting and referral process for payers, and creating a sustainable revenue model for community and digital program providers. By integrating a nationwide network of community organizations and digital solutions for chronic disease prevention programs, Solera improves health by simplifying patient choice, access and engagement. HealthSlate will join the growing number of digital program providers in the Solera network that deliver DPP virtually as an Affordable Care Act (ACA) covered medical benefit.

"At Solera Health we believe that consumer choice is the key to individual engagement and successful outcomes when it comes to chronic disease prevention," said Brenda Schmidt, CEO of Solera Health. "Solera's matching science links patients to the lifestyle modification programs that are best suited for their unique health and wellness needs. And our diverse integrated network of digital and local community resources is purpose built to seamlessly manage engagement, outreach and program delivery. We welcome the addition of HealthSlate to our growing number of digital DPP providers and look forward to the results of our partnership as we collectively battle the diabetes epidemic."

Jared Saul, MD, CTO and co-founder of HealthSlate, remarked: "There is certainly no argument against the CDC's DPP effectiveness, but unfortunately, it's not always possible for consumers to access in-person programs that meet their specific lifestyle needs or for healthcare providers to continue to be involved in the patient's behavior modification treatment post referral. Through this partnership with Solera Health, we hope to be able to better reach, engage and support at-risk individuals and ultimately help them reverse their prediabetes condition."

About Solera Health

Solera Health is a technology-enabled healthcare services company that provides access to lower-cost, higher access community and digital preventive health solutions through referrals from healthcare providers and health plans. Solera's proprietary SaaS platform connects a nationwide network of community organizations and digital solutions for chronic disease prevention programs with technology that manages service referrals, reimbursement and payment, aggregates data and reporting simplifying enrollment and supporting increased consumer engagement and choice.

About HealthSlate LLC

HealthSlate LLC provides health systems and health plans mobile health services that enable highly individualized programs of education, behavior modification and clinical support. This model enables people who have or are at risk for chronic illness to receive care and support that is truly patient-centered while reducing costs to providers and payers. The company's diabetes prevention, education and management products are in use at more than 1,000 healthcare facilities in the U.S. The management team enjoys deep experience and proven success creating consumer experiences that drive long term engagement and health outcomes. HealthSlate is based in Bellevue, WA.

1. Wendy L. Bennett, Nae-Yuh Wang, Kimberly A. Gudzune, Arlene T. Dalcin, Sara N. Bleich, Lawrence J. Appel, Jeanne M. Clark. Satisfaction with primary care provider involvement is associated with greater weight loss: Results from the practice-based POWER trial. Patient Education and Counseling, 2015; 98 (9): 1099 DOI:10.1016/j.pec.2015.05.006

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