Mobile Helix Introduces Second-Factor Authentication for Its LINK Legal App

The LINK Mobile App for Lawyers Makes Legal Workflows Easy and Secure From Smartphones and Tablets

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - January 13, 2016) - Mobile Helix, an innovator in encrypted mobile solutions for lawyers, introduces LINK Second-factor Authentication for greater identity protection. The LINK app uses Active Directory for the first authentication factor. Now LINK includes a built-in second-factor of either TouchID or a PIN code.

LINK incorporates documents, email, SharePoint, and the firm intranet in a single mobile app. Legal workflows such as searching document management systems, viewing attachments to email, sending email and filing to document management, as well as editing documents are easy and efficient using LINK.

Security management is the number one challenge facing legal IT per the 2015 ILTA/InsideLegal Technology Purchasing Survey. Identity authentication is critical for mobile apps used by legal teams due to the sensitive content in legal documents and email. The challenge is to increase security without overly burdening the user.

"Law firms have asked us to provide second-factor authentication. They are familiar with using a token or SMS code as the second-factor for laptop computers. But those methods are less effective on a mobile device as they deliver the code to someone who may have stolen the device," said Seth Hallem, CEO and co-founder of Mobile Helix. "Biometric fingerprint authentication provides an independent, second verification of a user's identity. If the device is not fingerprint enabled, then a PIN code may be registered as the second-factor. The result is not only stronger authentication but a quick, simple user experience."

LINK is a secure container app which ensures that data and documents remain encrypted and encapsulated at all times. LINK employs single sign-on to access DMS, Email, Calendar, SharePoint, and firm intranet applications. The LINK app may be remotely wiped and locked. With LINK, lawyers work from anywhere, at any time. Their firms can be confident that proprietary data is protected.

About Mobile Helix

Mobile Helix, Inc. ( provides software solutions which enable lawyers to be productive from smartphones and tablets. The LINK™ system integrates document management, email, network file shares, SharePoint, and the firm intranet in a single encrypted app. Mobile Helix solutions deliver the high level of security required by clients in regulated industries yet are lightweight and affordable to deploy.

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