A Cat Hospital Adds New Exercise Condo for Cat Boarding

Henderson, Nevada, UNITED STATES

HENDERSON, Nev., Jan. 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Cat Hospital announced that the feline-only veterinary practice has added a new exercise condo for cat boarding.  The cat condo is six feet tall with a walk-in door and features a camera focused on the condo. When the camera is live, cat owners will be able to view their cats in the exercise condo. Inside the condo are several long shelves and a four-level cat tree; cat-friendly plants decorate one side of the condo. Las Vegas cat veterinarian Dr. Trish Auge says that the condo is designed to provide a safe space for cats to exercise while in boarding.

A Cat Hospital is expanding their cat boarding services to include access to a cat exercise condo. The new condo, which was custom-built for the feline-only veterinary hospital, is six feet tall with several shelves for cats to play on.

“As the first cats-only veterinary hospital in Nevada, our feline veterinary care team strives to provide superior cat care, and our latest cat exercise condo carries on this tradition,” said Las Vegas cat veterinarian Dr. Trish Auge. “Boarding at a cat clinic offers many advantages to leaving a cat home alone, including providing soothing comfort and reassurance. Now, with our new cat condo, we are proud to offer a fun, safe exercise option for cats.”

Dr. Trish Auge says that cat boarding here offers a number of benefits for cats. According to Dr. Auge, while cats are very independent, unfamiliarity and loneliness can be upsetting and confusing. The exercise condo is an open playful area where cats can visualize their surroundings including birds, lobby and clients coming in.

“Even if a neighbor is able to come over to feed the cat, the unexplained absence of the cat’s primary caregiver can be very stressful for cats,” said Dr. Auge. “Most neighbors cannot stay with a cat for extended periods. Cats that are left alone can experience depression and anxiety and may even try to escape. At our cat hospital, we provide cats with a constant, safe and reassuring presence.”

If cats have had a negative experience in the past with boarding, Dr. Auge says that her team can help. “For cats that are nervous about entering a cat carrier or going to boarding, our team can provide personalized recommendations to ease your pet’s anxiety and make this process a positive one for everyone involved,” said Dr. Auge.

A Cat Hospital follows strict safety guidelines, including requiring all owners to submit proof that their pets are up to date on vaccinations. While cats are in boarding, owners may also schedule a wellness exam, vaccination boosters or dental checkup.

A Cat Hospital is a feline-only veterinary hospital in Las Vegas dedicated to excellence in cat care. Services include cat vaccinations, dentistry, cat boarding, senior cat care and laser therapy. For more information on cat care and cat boarding, visit www.acathospital.com or call 702-454-4400.


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