Online Return Policy & Retention Go Hand-in-Hand, Explains TrueShip's Newest White Paper

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - January 18, 2016) - TrueShip ( – the leading provider of automated returns management solutions (ReadyReturns) – has just released a white paper that is designed to help online retailers better understand how their returns policy influences sales and conversions.

Recent studies have found that over 60% of shoppers review a return policy before they make a purchasing decision. Considering that ecommerce has a return rate that fluctuates between 25% and 33%, consumers are naturally cautious about who they will do business with online.

If a retailer's return policy is found to be inconvenient to the consumer, they have the simple option of shopping at another website, which is just a few more clicks away. However, if the return policy is convenient, shoppers are 80% likelier to complete the sale, according to recent studies.

Online retailers already suffer from a cart abandonment rate of 67%. A return policy has the potential to either reduce this rate or increase it, depending upon what it offers. With a short window of time to earn a customer's business during the shopping experience, retailers greatly benefit from featuring an automated return system.

TrueShip's newest white paper is designed to help retailers understand what their return policy is saying to consumers, and whether or not its conducive to a healthy sales and conversion funnel.

It provides scope on the top 10 product return statistics to help retailers better understand. It also provides more clarity on why loyalty increases and improves with an automated returns policy, why consumers are likelier to buy more often, and how a bad policy deters shoppers away. The white paper also features two illustrated infographics.

"An e-retailer returns policy is a very important cog in the ecommerce wheel and conversion funnel," explained Michael Lazar, Director of Online Marketing at TrueShip. "If you are not engaging users properly and offering a convenient, automated and efficient online product returns system, there's a good chance that shoppers will take their business elsewhere."

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