New .FAMILY Domain Extension Introduced to Inspire Memorable Family-Centric Websites and Email

Rightside® Introduces .FAMILY Domain Extension to Open Up New Online Real Estate for Families and Brands to Create and Share More Personal Experiences Online With a Highly Memorable .FAMILY Domain Name

Kirkland, Washington, UNITED STATES

KIRKLAND, Wash., Jan. 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seeing a rapid rise in the number of people and brands taking control over their names online with popular domain extensions like .ROCKS, .SOCIAL, .LIVE and .NEWS, Rightside (Nasdaq:NAME) today announced the introduction of .FAMILY. The new .FAMILY domain is immediately available for purchase via Rightside’s registrar partners at, and aspires to help families and brands personalize their website and email addresses with a memorable family-centric theme. Annual pricing for .FAMILY domain extensions will vary based on market demand and are available on a first come, first serve basis.

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“The word ‘family’ celebrates and encapsulates the things and moments that matter the most. But the beauty of the word is that it’s flexible,” said Taryn Naidu, Rightside’s CEO. “For an individual, significant moments might be a simple dinner with the people you care most about or witnessing the birth of your child, then watching them graduate. For a business owner, those important moments might be the sense of camaraderie you feel with your coworkers or the successful completion of a project. Family belongs to us all and is the perfect domain extension to create a digital home base.”

From a Squarespace, Tumblr or Wordpress blog to social media channels, there are so many ways to create personal websites, but it can be very difficult to stand out from the crowd, especially of you have a common name. For example, a quick search for John Smith on LinkedIn serves up more than 45,000 results and close to one billion results on Google. Mr. Smith’s of the world and others like them with common names can get creative with a personalized .FAMILY domain extension to create a more personalized website and email address to improve their online image and discoverability.

“GoDaddy understands our customers want choices and that’s why it’s great when new Web address endings like .FAMILY come out,” said GoDaddy Senior Director of Product Marketing, Theresa Geraghty. “The .FAMILY domain quickly and easily tells visitors what the website is about. We’ve seen personal websites gaining popularity and .FAMILY fits right into that trend.”

New Domain Names Offer Memorable Calls to Action

The new .FAMILY domain extension is the 39th top level domain released in Rightside’s portfolio, which is designed to redefine the way people interact with the Internet. In addition to expecting to see families across the world scoop up their .FAMILY name, brands like Amazon, Apple, BMW, Deutsche Telekom, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Tyson Foods, Viacom and more have already embraced the new .FAMILY domain extension.

Between 1995 and 2000 -- the era of the “dot-com bubble” -- .COM registrations took off, rocketing from 9,005 to more than 20 million, and today there are more than 120 million .COM domains. While .COM domains are still in high-demand, there is limited real estate available. As digital marketers run out of .COM real estate, many have been left to rely on Bitly, QR codes, or obscure URLs to drive traffic to specific campaigns and websites. Smart brands are embracing a growing number of available domain extensions that go beyond the .COM to create more memorable calls to action, drive more traffic to their website and microsites, and deliver a better user experience with a website name that’s more in line with their brand presence.

For example, celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham could register Beckham.FAMILY, which would allow them to create a new private or public website and email address that is recognizable and memorable like David@Beckham.Family or Victoria@Beckham.Family. They could further extend their brand with complementary domain names like Beckham.SOCIAL to aggregate their social media channels into one microsite to make it easy for their fans to follow them across all of their social networks, or use Beckham.NEWS to point people directly to his/her blog to read the latest happenings in their lives. For even deeper vertical integration of multiple domain names, they could also consider adding additional domains like Beckham.LIVE, Beckham.VIDEO, Beckham.FUTBOL, and Beckham.MODA.

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