Sckipio's Cost-Effectively Reduces Rural Broadband Problem

Demonstrates 300Mbps at 500 Meters

Ramat Gan, ISRAEL

RAMAT GAN, ISRAEL--(Marketwired - January 28, 2016) - Sckipio, the leader in modems, enables telcos to deliver the FCC's goal of 25Mbps service to at least 10 million U.S. underserved households via, the new ultra-fast broadband technology. Today, the company announced in recent tests, Sckipio achieved 300Mbps of ultra-fast broadband speed at a distance of 500 meters by using two-pairs of phone lines.

In addition, Sckipio expects forthcoming improvements to the standard (due out later this year) could enable Sckipio's to achieve over 500Mbps at that distance. This will enable service providers to bring into single family dwelling markets. 

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"Fiber to the home is a great goal, but simply too expensive to rationally justify on a per-user basis," said David Baum, CEO of Sckipio Technologies. "Sckipio's leverages fiber infrastructure, but eliminates the added cost needed to bring fiber all the way to the home. By switching to copper at 500 meters or closer, over $5,000 per subscriber of unnecessary expenses could be eliminated."

Sckipio's technology is currently in field trial with British Telecom with both ADTRAN and Zinwell and is available in the U.S. from additional vendors such as Arris, Calix, Suttle, PTI, ZyXel and others.

Traditionally, there have only been two models for rural broadband. Running far distances over copper wires at very low speeds or running fiber optics all the way to the home at very high costs. offers a third model -- high speed at low costs by moving the fiber closer to the home, but not all the way. This could save billions of dollars of unnecessary spending, while delivering the performance consumers really need. supports the concept of a low-cost distribution point unit that connects to the ISP via fiber optics, but delivers the last distance over copper wires. The distribution point unit is small and low-powered and can be hung on a pole or placed underground and services dozens of customers in a distance of 500 meters or less.

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