Zignal Labs Launch New Emoji Feature

Emoji Cloud Tracks Usage to Help Determine Sentiment and Reaction

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 03, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zignal Labs, the world’s leading realtime cross media analytics company, today announced a new widget that captures emoji usage on Twitter. The Emoji Cloud visualizes usage analytics, enabling clients to determine sentiment and reaction on pre-determined topics.

“We’re excited to launch this new feature as emojis are now integral to understanding communications,” said Ginsberg. “Those on social media are increasingly using emojis because they’re direct, fun, and easily understood across all demographics and cultures. Emoji Cloud illustrates sentiment, which helps our customers better comprehend public reactions and develop creative content to engage with various audiences.”

According to eMarketer, 1.4 billion people utilized mobile messaging apps in 2015. Millennials spend 41 percent of media time on mobile devices, including 30 hours/month on social apps and 91 hours/month on mobile apps. Half of American adult Internet users have used emojis on social media or in text messages, and half of the comments/captions on Instagram contain emojis. Corporate America has taken notice: Domino’s enables customers to order pizza using the pizza emoji, and Chevy issued a press release comprised entirely of emojis.

The Emoji Cloud feature is part of Zignal Labs’ Enterprise platform, which combines media analytics and business intelligence to drive comprehensive insights across any industry around the world. Zignal Labs enables users to see relevant insights unfold with visually stunning analytics, spot trends and immediately take action with unprecedented accuracy.

To view and retrieve a high-resolution example of an Emoji Cloud, please visit http://zignallabs.com/emoji-cloud/.

Demonstrations and high-resolution examples of the emoji cloud widget on a Zignal Enterprise dashboard with associated analytics displayed are available. Zignal Labs 995 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94103 tim.hayden@zignallabs.com

For more information, please visit www.ZignalLabs.com.
CONTACT: Tim Hayden, Zignal Labs, tim.hayden@zignallabs.com, 512.750.4066

About Zignal Labs: Founded in 2011, Zignal Labs is a leader in delivering data-driven insights from big data analytics, realtime media monitoring, and business intelligence. The Zignal Labs realtime platform empowers customers with the ability to quickly spot trends, see relevant stories unfold, and take action. Comprised of analytics, communications and information technology professionals, the Zignal Labs team has created a simple, comprehensive platform that covers the entire global media spectrum. Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in Washington, DC, the company serves customers around the world in a variety of industries and languages. To learn more, visit: www.zignallabs.com.