McDonald's Radar Predicts All Day Breakfast for Nation's Forecasters

OAK BROOK, IL--(Marketwired - Feb 3, 2016) -  Due to an unprecedented All Day Breakfast front arriving early February 5th, 2016, The McDonald's Foodcasting Service has issued an All Day Breakfast Notice effective for weatherpeople nationwide.

"Weatherpeople's schedules often keep them away from McDonald's regular breakfast hours," says Lisa McComb, McDonald's Director of Media Relations. "With All Day Breakfast, they can experience our delicious food and the optimism of a good morning all day, every day."

Weatherpeople, and only weatherpeople, are advised to prepare for historic amounts of All Day Breakfast deliciousness. This could mean anything from breakfast sandwiches, to Hash Browns, to Hotcakes, or perhaps even more, depending on their location.

Please be advised, the McDonald's Foodcasting Service is aware of a limited test of additional All Day Breakfast items -- like the McGriddle -- that has been spotted at a few McDonald's restaurants. However, the service cannot predict with 100% accuracy if and when these items would join the national All Day Breakfast menu as they are simply a test. We repeat. They are simply a test.

Stay tuned for further updates as we get them.

About The McDonald's Foodcasting Service*

The McDonald's Foodcasting Service* is a 24-hour observer of All Day Breakfast and the positive effects it's having across the nation. Located in a remote bunker perched atop an undisclosed mountain, the McDonald's Foodcasting Service monitors all things All Day Breakfast morning, noon and night.

*The McDonald's Foodcasting Service is a fictional organization. The news however, is very real.