SmarTech Markets Publishing Announces Two New 3D Printing Industry Analysis and Forecasting Services: Polymers and Metals

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwired - February 04, 2016) - SmarTech Markets Publishing has just announced two new industry analysis services that identify and quantify business opportunities in 3D-printed materials. SmarTech is the only industry analyst firm dedicated exclusively to market analysis in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector.

SmarTech's new services -- the Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Advisory Service and the 3D Printing Polymer Advisory Service -- both provide subscribers with:

  • A monthly state-of-the-market report
  • An opportunity to discuss specific 3DP-related issues with SmarTech's Vice President of Research, Scott Dunham
  • An annual invitation-only Webinars focused on emerging opportunities in metals and polymer 3DP
  • A 10 percent discount on SmarTech industry analyst reports including our latest studies on precious metals, titanium, plastics, etc.,

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Metals Service --

Polymer Service --

These two services guide subscribers to the most profitable opportunities in the two primary sectors of 3D printing/additive manufacturing. Their coverage includes both the materials themselves (powders, filaments, resins, etc) and specialist printing equipment and processes. In addition, the market projections in the two services are based on SmarTech's proprietary market forecasting model for the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector.

The Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Advisory Service

The metal additive manufacturing (AM) sector has been the fastest growth area for the 3D printing industry since 2014 and SmarTech's Metal Additive Manufacturing Market Advisory Service provides the information needed to better understand where the money will be made and lost in this exciting sector. 

Subscribers to this monthly service receive SmarTech's ongoing assessments of new applications, evolving metal powder supply channels, advanced manufacturing integration, and other factors constantly shaping the competitive landscape for the metal AM market of today -- and tomorrow.

This service provides coverage of steels, titanium alloys, nickel alloys, aluminum, precious metals, cobalt chrome, as well as novel materials such and wire or liquid metal nanoparticle inks. It also analyzes demand patterns for metal AM in aerospace, automotive, medical, dental, and other end-user industries.

The Polymer 3D Printing Market Advisory Service

At SmarTech we expect that the next few years will be a time of great opportunity in the market for polymer print materials and technologies. However, the competitive landscape will change significantly as OEM influence on the supply chain for materials is challenged and new global manufacturers enter the 3D printer business.

This is why SmarTech has launched its Polymer 3D Printing Market Advisory Service. Subscribers to this monthly service will gain understanding of the latest 3D-printed polymer types and the most profitable market niches in 3D-printed polymers. The coverage of this report is of 3D-printed polymers; from low-cost desktop printers to million dollar industrial systems. 

This service tracks all widely used polymer materials such as various nylons, photo sensitive resins, thermoplastic powders and filaments, binder jetting composites, and more. It also provides market data and analysis on the polymer materials consumption by different kinds of 3DP technology. In addition, it offers guidance on supply supply chain dynamics for polymer 3DP and penetration in adopting industries. 

Industry-leading Webinars

All subscribers to SmarTech's Market Advisory Services will be invited to an exclusive annual Webinar. These SmarTech events -- one focusing on metals, the other on polymers -- will be held in spring, 2016, and will identify and analyze this year's hot opportunities in 3D printing materials. 

Analyst Access: Scott Dunham

Subscribers to either or both SmarTech Advisory Services will also have direct access to the managing analyst for our services, Scott Dunham, at no charge for up to an hour to discuss the latest trends in 3D printing, SmarTech's latest industry forecasts, or any 3DP topic of specific interest to the subscriber. Additional time with Scott is fee-based.

Benefits of Subscription to SmarTech's Advisory Services

These two services are both essential insider's guide to where the 3DP materials services are headed. They:

  • Identify the most profitable market niches for 3D-printed materials and technologies
  • Analyze the evolution of the 3D-printed materials supply chain and the market shares of key materials producers
  • Offer subscribers market data, granular forecasts and analysis of materials by consumption, by different classes of printers, and by 3D printing technology
  • Give insight into the growth of 3D printing materials across key end-user industries (aerospace, automotive, medical, and consumer products, etc.), as well as key application areas including both prototyping and direct manufacturing.

Both of SmarTech's Advisory Services increase subscribers' understanding of of key 3DP markets. Because our services are delivered monthly, our models, forecasts, and assumptions are never based on last year's thinking.

About SmarTech:

SmarTech is the leading provider of market research and industry analysis in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector. Our client roster includes the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and 3D printing investors in the world.

SmarTech has published reports on all the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing sector include personal printers, low-volume manufacturing, 3D printing materials, medical/dental markets and other promising 3D market segments.

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