Superior Concrete Products Unveils New Concept in Home Design: The Precast Tiny House

Todd Sternfeld Uses Precast Concrete Fence Panels to Build a Rustic Mini-Ranchette

EULESS, Texas , Feb. 09, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Superior Concrete Products, a Texas-based manufacturer and installer of precast concrete fence and retaining wall products, is unveiling an innovative new concept in home design during the 2016 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.  Called the Superior Ranchette™, the customizable home is a 600 square-foot tiny house constructed primarily of precast concrete fence panels molded to resemble brick and other traditional surfaces.  When finished, the precast house offers the sophisticated features of a full-sized two-bedroom home, complete with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. And, being a ranch, the house comes with an oversized front porch and a livestock corral. Yet, despite all of these amenities, the Superior Ranchette has a surprisingly small footprint.

When it comes to home design, the Ranchette demonstrates the versatility of precast concrete as a building medium, while showcasing the depth and breadth of Superior Concrete Products line of merchandise.  According to Sternfeld, all of the concrete used in the project was manufactured at the company’s NPCA certified plant in Texas.

“I’m a cowboy at heart, and the Ranchette is both rustic and comfortable -- a perfect way to demonstrate the practicality of precast concrete panel construction,” said Sternfeld. “When it comes to home design, people forget that concrete can be a beautiful, affordable and versatile alternative to traditional building materials, plus it goes without saying that it is much more durable.”

According to Sternfeld, the company incorporated many of the company’s products into the design of the house and into the surrounding property.  For instance, the posts supporting the roof on the front porch are Superior Stone Columns™.  The outside of the house is made up of Superior Brick™ fence panels that have been hand-tinted to a warm weathered stone color.  The home’s interior is made of a deep earth-toned Superior Stucco™ fence panels that resemble the smooth textured feel of hand-troweled adobe.

The outside of the Ranchette has a tall Superior Cobblestone™ privacy fence which looks like stacked stone trimmed in Superior Lattice surrounding the home’s patio for those afternoon cookouts.  Superior Rail™, which looks remarkably like real wood rails, was used to build a corral for the livestock, and to create a rustic walkway.  Other Superior products were used as trim and for other accent pieces to complete the Ranchette’s design.

To learn more about Superior Concrete Products, the precast concrete Ranchette, or any of the company’s other innovative line of fence and retaining wall merchandise, phone 817-277-9255 or visit  Todd Sternfeld and members of the company’s sales team will be in the Superior Concrete Products’ booth #DX32 located in the Farm Credit Dairy Center Building of the 2016 World Ag Expo. 

About Superior Concrete Products:
Founded in 1986, Superior Concrete Products engineers, manufactures and installs precast concrete fences, structures and other retaining wall systems for the utility substations, residential developments, golf courses and the farming/ranching industries throughout North America. The company also has installations abroad and licenses precast mold products and services in countries around the globe. Certified by the National Precast Concrete Association, the company is headquartered in Euless, Texas. For more information, go to


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