Vera and RFA Partner to Secure Confidential Information for Leading Hedge Funds and Asset Management Firms

Vera and RFA (Richard Fleischman and Associates) Announce Strategic Partnership to Equip Hedge Funds and Investment Management Firms With Industry Leading Encryption and Data Security

Palo Alto, California, UNITED STATES

PALO ALTO, CA and NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - February 10, 2016) -


  • Through this partnership, RFA will provide over 500 hedge fund and asset management customers with access to Vera's advanced data security and information rights management platform.
  • With Vera, RFA's clients gain the capability to encrypt sensitive data, revoke access to files at any time, and control where protected data is used, even after it leaves the network.
  • Together, Vera and RFA provide the only Modern IRM platform for the asset management community, and are uniquely positioned to help firms manage the SEC and FINRA's strict compliance and cybersecurity policies.

Vera ( and RFA (Richard Fleischman and Associates), today announced a partnership that will make Vera's advanced data security technology available to hedge funds, private equity firms, and asset managers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and beyond. Together, these two IT and security leaders are helping investment management firms tackle the SEC's strict compliance requirements and navigate the increased level of cybersecurity scrutiny these firms are under. 

The addition of the Vera data security platform to RFA's portfolio of security and compliance services will enhance RFA's comprehensive Information Rights Program, which encompasses data governance, user training, and testing capabilities. The program is available to clients located in both the United States and United Kingdom, and is customized to meet the strict requirements of country-specific regulations.

"Faced with increased SEC scrutiny, innovative investment firms need security tools that can protect confidential financial information without arresting collaboration," says Grant Shirk, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Vera. "By partnering with RFA, the most trusted technology partner in the asset management industry, we can help these funds comply with regulatory guidance for encryption, access rights, and data loss prevention, while also promoting better security behavior and awareness across the firm." 

For more than twenty years, RFA has been the trusted technology partner and leading financial private cloud provider for the asset management community, supporting hedge funds with high-performance technology infrastructure. By combining Vera's innovative data security platform with their industry expertise, RFA can provide asset management firms with the ideal mix of security, data loss prevention, and access control. Compared to traditional rights-management and encryption tools, Vera provides simple, seamless data security that follows financial data wherever it travels - allowing firms to effectively manage access control and prevent data loss globally, whether files are on-premises, sent in email, or shared in the cloud.

"We are committed to helping our clients understand emerging regulatory guidance and how they can best leverage new technology to adapt to an evolving cybersecurity landscape," said Yohan Kim, COO of RFA. "With Vera, we can provide our clients with greater operational control and security risk management by enhancing their ability to control access to confidential data both inside and beyond the firewall, without negatively impacting day-to-day business workflows."

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About RFA (Richard Fleischman and Associates)
RFA is the trusted technology partner and leading financial private cloud provider for the asset management community. For more than twenty years, RFA has been supporting hedge funds with a proven customer service model and the in-house, industry-specific expertise required for the design, implementation, and management of secure, high-performance technology infrastructure. The RFA team, comprised of tenured professionals, is uniquely positioned to support your operations by optimizing your hedge fund's technology investment. As a vendor-agnostic partner, RFA navigates today's ever-evolving technology landscape to educate and provide guidance for clients in selecting the solution best suited to each company's operating model, regulatory requirements, staff, and budget. RFA is headquartered in Manhattan with additional U.S. operations in New York, Connecticut, and Boston; RFA EMEA headquarters are based in London, United Kingdom.

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