MGM Resorts International Finds New Revenue Through Visual Communications System From Four Winds Interactive

Visual Layer of Communication Helps MGM Resorts International Increase Revenue and Provide Better Customer Experience

DENVER, CO--(Marketwired - February 23, 2016) - To better engage and communicate with guests and staff, MGM Resorts International looked to Four Winds Interactive (FWI), a leader in the visual communications industry, to implement a digital solution that includes thousands of screens throughout its multiple properties across the U.S. That large-scale implementation of digital screens and an integrated content management system from FWI has generated a wide range of new revenue opportunities for MGM across its properties through engaging, dynamic content that drives action.

MGM Resorts International has implemented this visual layer of communication throughout its U.S. properties, including all of its Las Vegas properties, which consist of 42,000 hotel rooms, 350 food and beverage venues, 3 million square feet of convention space and 1.5 million square feet of casino floor. With a multitude of content and information to convey -- from directions and promotions to enhance guest experience to critical employee communications that help the resorts run smoothly -- the company has seen significant opportunities to increase revenue through cost savings and incremental sales.

FWI developed and supports the content management software system that conveys the right message to the right people at the right time. Displays throughout the resorts pull content from multiple sources to communicate information for guests regarding restaurant information and menus, convention information, wayfinding, social media engagement and promotions.

Because the behaviors and needs of MGM's guests change throughout a given day, Four Winds Interactive helped the company create dynamic displays. For example, wayfinding signs change depending on the time of day, directing guests to the coffee shops and pools during the day, and to restaurants and clubs at night.

In addition, restaurants within the MGM properties can easily change menus to update available items, pricing and specials. Previously, the process to change printed menus could take months. Now, with dynamic digital displays, the process takes only seconds and MGM's food and beverage operation has realized incremental revenue of $100,000. In addition, food and beverage promotions on table displays in resort lounges have generated 37 percent more sales.

Other revenue for MGM has come from using the displays for special promotions for shows and events. MGM recently ran a 10-day promotion using its digital displays for tickets to a show running at one of its properties and was able to sell more than 1,000 additional tickets, resulting in increased revenue of $86,000.

"The promotions and dynamic menus are just two examples of just how powerful a visual communications layer is if you do it right," said Randy Dearborn, vice president of multimedia and guest technology, MGM Resorts International. "Four Winds Interactive has helped us build a system that provides a significant return on our investment in the form of added revenue, as well as data analytics that help us better engage our guests."

MGM Resorts has also implemented this visual communication layer for its 64,000 employees to convey information such as benefit updates, weather and news.

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